Fearless First Impressions by Pickup 101

Fearless First Impressions by Pickup 101

Fearless First Impressions by Pickup 101

Fearless First Impressions Pickup 101 review | Fearless First Impressions Pickup 101 Download

Lance Mason shows us that approaching can be natural and fun with Fearless First Impressions This got me out and approaching in no time!

Pickup 101’s Fearless First Impressions DVD Listing

Fearless First Impressions Disc 1: 10 Years Of Opening
• 10 Years Of Opening
• Think You’re Successful… Think Again
• Is He Talking To Us?
• A Matter Of Commitment
• Right Out Of The Gate
• Understanding The Essentials
• So What Should I Say Already?
• Last Sentence: So, uh, that’s a really common problem.

Fearless First Impressions Disc 2: The Social Scene
• Approaching The Social Scene
• Break It Down
• Live Coaching With Audience Members
• Making It Your Own
• A Plan Of Attack
• Is She Hitting On Me?
• Last Sentence: If you’re not ready for it people will tool you.

Fearless First Impressions Disc 3: Mission Impossible
• Never Leave Your Wing
• Double Agents
• Working The Room
• Don’t Try This At Home
• When Less Is More
• Showing Off Your Skills
• Breaking Through Barriers
• Take A Seat
• Mission Impossible
• Last Sentence: Women who test you a lot, that really is where they’re coming from.

Fearless First Impressions Disc 4: Stump The Gurus
• The Life Of The Party
• We’re Too Cool For You
• When Two Paths Cross
• The Gym, The Bus, And The DMV
• Stump The Guru
• When She Least Expects It
• Last Sentence: If I know they’re going to open up to me, I want to let them know that I know it.

Fearless First Impressions Disc 5: The Movie Moment
• A Quiet Time
• The Movie Moment
• Warning: Do Not Mix
• Putting It On The Line
• Catching Her Eye
• Choose Your Weapon
• PickUp Hero Syndrome
• Training Wheels

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