Facebook Marketing Success System – Mari Smith & Dennies Yu

Mari Smith & Dennies Yu - Facebook Marketing Success System

Facebook Marketing Success System – Mari Smith & Dennies Yu

Facebook ads can create much confusion and frustration! Some Facebook users install browser extensions to remove the ads on Facebook’s right column. Other Facebook users report sponsored posts (ads in the News Feed) as spam. And, as a business owner and marketer, if you don’t hit the mark properly with your paid Facebook products (ads, sponsored stories, boosted/promoted posts, offers, etc.), you could be not only completely wasting your money but you may also be negatively impacting your company’s reputation by having the wrong ads shown to the right people, or the right ads shown to the wrong people!

I like to joke that, as I’m Scottish, I was born with frugal genes. So, if I can get maximum organic (free) reach and results on Facebook and not have to pay to promote, then I will. However, even with a nominal budget, over the years, I have experienced incredible results advertising on Facebook
Imagine if you could easily get more fans, leads and paying customers with simple Facebook marketing techniques

It’s time to stop struggling with your Facebook marketing, finally learn how to “outwit” Facebook’s constantly changing features and algorithms, and get laser-focused on building your business the right way!

It’s not “rocket science,” as the saying goes. But it does take the right know-how and that’s exactly what Dennis and I want to share with you.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Well, just as soon as you sign up for this new course, you’ll be able to make a few adjustments to your marketing approach… and exponentially build on those adjustments as we progress through all 8 modules.

And, you’ll be set up for rock SOLID success!
Introducing… Facebook Marketing Success System: How To Master Facebook To Get the Maximum Reach, Results and Revenue!

Finally, you’ll be able to fully understand how Facebook advertising works and create specific, measurable results by investing even a nominal ads budget.
What’s included:

This course consists of 8 modules with Mari Smith and Dennis Yu (more about your instructors below).

Each session comprises 60-90 minutes of pure, instantly-actionable content, plus homework assignments.
INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Your Facebook Foundation – How To Have A ROCK SOLID Facebook Marketing Strategy, Focused on Quality Content

Facebook is an amplification of all your other marketing efforts; it’snot a panacea. In this first Module, we’ll help you get crystal clarity on your goals. What specific business objectives do you want to accomplish? Generate leads, phone calls, awareness, email subscriptions.

This will be a critical component as we go in to Module #2. We need to know which metrics you want to quantifiably increase so we can help you get the most out of all the following Modules!


Facebook Page basics: design, features, optional tabs, plus SEO.
Content strategy, including your posting cadence, frequency, timing, length and type.
What content is optimal for maximum organic reach?
“Cheat sheet” with all Facebook ad formats.

INSTANT ACCESS to the Replay Video, Slides and Session Guide +
Support in the active Facebook Group
Introduction to Social Amplification Engine – Dennis and Mari’s Proven Approach to Facebook Marketing Success

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