Fabienne Fredrickson – Monetize Your Message – The Authentic Formula for Creating a meaningful 6 or 7-figure Business

Fabienne Fredrickson - Monetize Your Message - The Authentic Formula for Creating a meaningful 6 or 7-figure Business

[center][b]Fabienne Fredrickson – Monetize Your Message – The Authentic Formula for Creating a meaningful 6 or 7-figure Business[/b][/center] We will personally show you exactly how to have a meaningful 6 or 7 figure
business, embracing (and monetizing) your “inner woo”. Discover the
spiritual marketing principles and authentic business growth strategies you’ll
use to share your message with the world and make really good money.

Price – $1,997

No Manuals or Handouts for this Event- I did NOT Purchase this Program
– If you’re interested we may want to a GB when she offers this as a Home
Study Course
Here’s what we’ll cover during those 3 days:

MISSION How to get clear on what you’re passionate about and
weave it into your business and express yourself fully. How to figure out your
“big why” and exactly how you’re here to help others.

MASTERY Know thyself! How to figure out your unique strengths
and capitalize on these, how to stop going against the grain and instead,
leverage all your brilliance, skills, talents and abilities, so you can successfully
delegate everything else.

MESSAGE How to take the story of your life and what you’ve
mastered and package it. Take your message and strengths and create a
massively compelling marketing message for your business so that you stand
out from everyone else in the marketplace and become irresistible. Create
“works-every-time” marketing messages that automatically pull your ideal
clients in, get them engaged and get them ready (and willing) to work with
you now.

MARKETING How to be influential in your marketing, exactly
who to market to, getting the word out authentically, the online and offline
marketing sequences that work to fill your pipeline and your programs with
heart. The key is to pull clients toward you again and again and keep in
touch consistently by automating the ‘follow-up’ process. You want to have
a marketing plan to follow every day.

MULTIPLY How to build a massive list with integrity, the online
and offline marketing sequences that work to fill your pipeline and your
programs with heart. Instead of hiding behind your computer, waiting for
clients to come to you, and worse, marketing in the wrong places, it’s
imperative that you know exactly how to grow your platform and become
omnipresent, and create ways to reach the masses.

MANIFEST How to trust your inner voice, use your intuition,
hunches, instinct, gut feelings and sixth sense to create masterful
marketing campaigns and write authentic marketing copy that people love
and that they love to say yes to. Using spiritual principles and applying
them to your marketing, so that instead of coming from your “head”, you
are guided by Spirit to help you craft a message that is for the highest
good of all (and makes your ideal clients come out of the woodwork to
work with you.)

MONETIZE How to make money through passive and
leveraged income models, how to have a highly paid lifestyle by giving
advice, creating an empire of paid speaking, doing your own seminars,
coaching, consulting, and online programs. The different types of
profitable business models, pricing, how to sell without selling, how to
create programs so people thank you before they’ve even gotten

MECHANICS The behind-the-scenes of running a thriving
6 and 7 figure business, creating a website that sells, having systems
for everything so it doesn’t all depend on you, cloning yourself with
video and technology, getting the right support, hiring the right
part-time virtual or full time in person staff, automating every aspect
of your business.) Team, Systems, Technology, Automation, Scalable
Business Models.

MEANING Creating your ideal lifestyle, living life like you
mean it, maintaining your freedom, your marriage, making your ideal
entrepreneurial family life a reality, making room in your business for
motherhood/fatherhood, balance – having it your way, giving back.

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