EuroPlus – Business English


EuroPlus – Business English

EuroPlus Business English – Contemporary Course of Business English for Intermediate Learners.  EuroPlus Business English
is a unique interactive computer program for those who know English on an intermediate level and need specific language
in their job or areas of business such as: marketing, administration, finance, etc. It is based on the course
written by Simon Greenall, the world-famous author of English textbooks. EuroPlus Business English follows a highly engaging
approach for all those who want to improve their language skills connected with real-world business situations. It covers vocabulary used in modern communication media like mobile phones, e-mail and Internet services.
Main features of the program:
* Rich language material corresponding to 120 hours of intensive learning
* Hundreds of interactive activities, recordings, photos and drawings
* Selection of dialogues, stories and real life situations
* Extensive video activities
* Intelligent performance tracking to record your progress and suggest areas for revision
* advanced tools built into the program help students to learn easier
* Integrated speech recognition capabilities
* Four on-line services allowing users to work together and communicate with their teachers

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