Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition – grave


Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition – grave

Entrepreneurship 2nd Edition combines concepts and cases while presenting the latest theories of entrepreneurship.  The concepts cover what “would-be entrepreneurs” need to know to start and grow their businesses.  Additionally, the cases illustrate how real entrepreneurs have gone out and succeeded.  The authors cover all stages of the entrepreneurial process from searching for an opportunity to shaping it into a commercially attractive product or service, launching the new venture, building it into a viable business, and eventually harvesting it.  Any student, “would-be entrepreneur” or not, will benefit from the lessons in this text.

[img]https://tenlibrary.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Free-Download-All-Tutorials.png[/img] [quote] http://filetut.com/fcnipggvmkky/entrepreneurship_2e_-_bygrave.rar.html

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