entheos – Parenting Now Carrie Contey

entheos - Parenting Now Carrie Contey

entheos - Parenting Now Carrie Contey

entheos – Parenting Now Carrie Contey

Deepening Your Relationships Through Honest Conversations with Marietta McCarty
Big ideas from this session:
• Creating and holding a philosophical perspective in family life
• Cutting to life’s core with more question and more wonder
• Recognizing that children, even young children, are masterful philosophers

Parenting for Social Change with Teresa Graham Brett
Big ideas from this session:
• Recognizing the inequality that is implicit in parent/child relationships
• Bringing to consciousness the deep beliefs we hold about children
• Understanding how to teach children self-control without controlling them

It Really is All About Love with Lori Petro
Big ideas from this session:
• Evolving how you meet the conflict you feel with your growing people
• Discerning which area is driving the conflict — Stress, state of the relationship or skill development
• Figuring out what you are wanting from, and more importantly feeling in, the moment

The Art and Practice of Conscious Parenting with Shefali Tsabary, PhD
Big ideas from this session:
• Recognizing that your children are making quantum leaps in development and that creates chaos
• Exploring your internal landscape — “What’s coming up for me?”
• Responding to your own feeling of powerlessness vs. reacting to your child’s behavior

Unconditional Positive Regard: Self First, Then Others with Michelle Charfen, MD
Big ideas from this session:
• Understanding that you can’t give someone else what you aren’t giving yourself
• Exploring your self-talk and shifting toward more kindness and love
• Discovering the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset

No Drama Discipline with Tina Payne Bryson
Big ideas from this session:
• Understanding children’s challenging behavior in new ways
• Learning to respond in ways that reduce the drama in the moment
• Responding in “brain building” ways that create more connection and ultimately the need for less discipline

Playful Parenting, Here and Now with Steve Gross
Big ideas from this session:
• Dialing into a playful state of being as a parent
• Using play to build and deepen your relationship with your child
• Making the journey playful

Having Faith in Human Development with Stephen Cowan, MD
Big ideas from this session:
• Creating a loving stance toward the messiness of human development.
• Celebrating and staying centered in “the miraculous”
• Clearing the fear when there are developmental concerns

Finding and Returning to Your Parenting Flow with Jonathan Hewitt
Big ideas from this session:
• Understanding the three different ways of being (ice, puddle, river)
• Checking in with your 3 B’s – body, being, brain
• Empowering your children to find their core inner strength

Grooving With Your Family’s Rhythm with Solomon Masala
Big ideas from this session:
• Tuning into your own rhythms
• Recognizing the rhythms of the people in your midst
• Developing ways to flow reconnect to yourself in the midst of stress and chaos

Mindfullness as a Path to Deeper Connections with Geeta Cowlagi
Big ideas from this session:
• Practicing mindfulness, and modeling it for your children, adds more connection and joy to family life
• Tuning into the present moment and being curious about yourself and the world around you.
• Deeping into more kindness and compassion – for self and others

Empowered Health Care: More Knowledge Equals Less Fear
with Lizzie Martinez, MA, DHom
Big ideas from this session:
• Shifting the paradigm of how we as parents view the role of childhood illness in the larger scope of our children’s lives
• Educating ourselves about illness in general, what constitutes a true emergency, and having a solid set of tools on-hand
to be able to handle any presenting symptom picture
• Becoming confident home prescribers

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