Elliot – ADSense Exploit 2.0

Elliot - ADSense Exploit 2.0

Elliot - ADSense Exploit 2.0

Elliot – ADSense Exploit 2.0


Most people do not know me here as BHW is my main forum. In short, I find vulnerabilities in systems and procedures and exploit them.

What is this BSO about and what can I offer you?:

Over a 6-month period from 2013 into 2014 I made $250k by deploying a specific method that took advantage of the human review process that Adsense puts on accounts, called the Adsense Exploit. Afterwards I moved onto casino exploiting and turned that industry upside down until December of 2014.

Earlier this year I got back into Adsense but wanted to try things differently this time. In March I came up with a new way of exploiting them, a way that people wouldn’t think is possible. After deploying the method for 2 months now I can safely say it works 100% and as such, I’m comfortable creating a BSO for it.

Introducing the Adsense Exploit 2.0

Here is proof of my earnings thus far:

and here is how quickly you can scale the 2.0 method:

The method isn’t anything illegal or criminal, just against Adsense ToS. It’s not click-jacking, click farms or altering the ads in any way. You are buying real traffic to your site and this has nothing to do with SEO. Site and Adsense account can be brand new. ROI is between 800-1000% with the 2.0 method. Setup is very easy. You can make money faster and easier than with version 1 as there is less work involved and can be scaled immediately.

Here are two client testimonial videos from version 1:

The 2.0 method takes advantage of a new found weakness in the Adsense system, allowing you to scale immediately while staying under the radar at the same time.

Why am I selling it?:

Other people doing it has no direct impact on me doing it, so I see this as an opportunity to make some money on the side. But I’m purposefully keeping my client base very small as this is a brand new method that I’m actively exploiting and banking hard on. So I want to make sure that saturation will not happen.

What am I offering?:

You will get 1 Tutorial Video (around 50 minutes in length) showing how everything works, multiple new Adsense campaign templates generating an 800-1000% ROI, new deployment strategies, new scaling strategies, new traffic sources and ongoing consulting + support via Skype. If you need help or have questions then I’m always available on Skype. If you do not have the first version then that will be provided to you as part of the package too.

I also give you pro tips on how to do everything 100% correctly, how to get maximum ROI and how to stay under the radar and make the method last for a long time. Being that this is a brand new method from the first version, it’s in all our best interests to keep it alive by doing it right.

How much does the package cost?

The price is $5,000. I don’t mind taking on clients for the 2.0 method, but I need to make sure I’m appropriately compensated. Ideally I would like you to be honest with me if you plan on splitting the $5,000 fee among other people. Payment will be made to my business account via bank wire (via online or in a branch) or via Bitcoin.

How much can you make from this?

If you follow my guidance in the Tutorial Video and Consulting, you can scale this immediately and make exactly what I am making (10-20k a month right away). There will be nothing different from what I’m doing and what I’ll be teaching you. There are no special deals that I get that you won’t get for the traffic (meaning we would be paying the same for it). There will be no differences between the campaigns I use and what you will use (they provide an 800-1000% ROI). So if you clone what I’m doing, you will make the same amount of money.

There is a difference between what people “claim” to make and the ones who can actually show proof (in real-time) what they are making. This is why I firmly believe in creating videos for my proof of income and doing a page refresh to show the numbers are real and very possible.

Ok, I’m down. How do I buy the package?

Just contact me on Skype (Elliot-305) or via PM to discuss further. I’m not sure how many clients I will want to take so please keep in mind that time may not on your side for this sales thread.

One last thing I want to stress is don’t bother asking me for further proof or review copies. The above videos should be sufficient for you to make an informed decision on whether or not this is legit. I don’t need to offer this as I don’t need the money so I have no problems closing this thread in a heartbeat.

My methods are as legit as they come and my resume speaks for itself (albeit you may not know me since this isn’t my usual forum). If you can’t afford to pay for this method then this method isn’t for you. I understand that this isn’t for many of you, but I’m not looking to work with many people anyway so I’m fine with that. I deal in methods/exploits that hit home runs so please understand it’s priced accordingly. Thank you for your time.


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[img]http://filetut.com/images/d.png[/img] http://filetut.com/4o91kb9l60xt/AD2.0.rar.html

[b][color=blue]***Please let me know if you have any problem. Support email: [email protected]***[/color][/b] [/am4show][/center]



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