Edward de Bono – Thinking pack

Edward de Bono - Thinking pack

Edward de Bono – Thinking pack

Edward de Bono studied at St Edward’s College in Malta and gained a medical degree from the University of Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford where he gained an M.A. degree in psychology and physiology. He also has a Ph.D. degree and a D.Phil. degree in Medicine from Cambridge University, a D.Des. degree (Doctor of Design) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and an LL.D. degree from the University of Dundee. He holds professorships at the Universities of Malta, Pretoria, Dublin City University, and the University of Central England. The New University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix AZ appointed Dr. de Bono Da Vinci Professor of Thinking in May 2005.[1] He was appointed European Union ambassador for thinking for the Year of Creativity in 2009.

He has written “82 books with translations into 41 languages”. He has spent the last 30 years teaching thinking, including working with governments, corporations, organisations and individuals, speaking publicly or privately on many matters.

De Bono’s work has become particularly popular in the sphere of business – perhaps because of the perceived need to restructure corporations, to allow more flexible working practices and to innovate in products and services. The methods have migrated into corporate training courses designed to help employees and executives think outside the box.

This “Thinking pack” includes:

* How to be more interesting (audio)

Some people are born intelligent. Some people are born beautiful. Some people are born strong. But what about that most important area of being “interesting”? Beautiful and boring is boring. Fit and boring is boring.

While we cannot do very much about strength, intelligence and beauty, being ‘interesting is entirely up to you. You can make yourself more interesting if you want to.

Being interesting is about playing with ideas, making connections, speculating and imagination. Add in ‘humenes’ – the elements of humour, insight and surprise – and everybody is guaranteed to find you interesting!

* Lateral thinking (audio)

In the face of fast-changing trends, fierce competition and the need to work miracles despite tight budgets, better quality and service are not enough. Creativity and innovation are the only engines that will drive lasting success. Lateral Thinking™ is essential. Instead of linear or vertical thinking, which relies solely on logic, Lateral Thinking™ is a deliberate, systematic process of using your ability to think in a different way. These proven methods make insight, creativity, and innovation happen. We know creative thinking is a skill that can be learned and we will show you how with these methods.

Our minds have been trained to find typical and predictable solutions to problems. Often this leads to ‘thinking inside the box’ and to entrapment in old paradigms. As illustration, challenging old paradigms and using Dr. Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking methods, a DuPont employee eliminated nine steps in their Kevlar manufacturing process and saved the company $30 million dollars a year. More clearly you see that learning to think deliberately ‘outside the box’ pays off. From strategic planning to solutions for everyday issues, thousands of individuals worldwide have used this proven method to create and innovate breakthroughs.

* Master thinker (audio)

We’ve all heard the expression, “Use your head!” But what exactly does it mean? Dr. de Bono, regarded by many as the world’s leading authority on conceptual thinking, shows you how to get your brain working better. You’ll find out how to use your intelligence more creatively, dynamically, and successfully with his exciting Masterthinker course. Learn the thinking skills that major corporations pay de Bono tens of thousands of dollars to teach.

* Six thinking hats (audio)

Used by businessmen worldwide to develop techniques of creative thinking in the boardroom. The Six Hats method aims to make the fullest use of everyone’s intelligence, experience and information.

* Smart thinking (audio)

Good thinking is not a matter of intelligence, not a gift — it is a skill that can be practiced and developed like any other. And whether you’re a student, business executive or homemaker, the quality of the way you think is your greatest asset.Now, the leading international authority in the field of creative thinking and the teaching of thinking skills presents a practical, easy-to-follow program to help you develop the tools and techniques of good thinking.Lateral Thinking is a revolutionary method of generating new concepts and solutions — a way to break your traditional patterns to approaching problems and achieve unforeseen, more effective results.

* Serious creativity (ebook)

De Bono’s term “lateral thinking” (the title of a previous book) refers to problem-solving by apparently illogical methods. In a fertile user’s manual to the mind, de Bono, a prolific author and business consultant, tackles creative thought as a skill that can be taught, a systematic process of breaking free of old concepts and finding alternatives. In an informal, discursive style, he presents an arsenal of techniques for cultivating ideas and harvesting the usable onesto avoid mixed metaphor; also, harvest is late stage of agricultural process, so should come after ‘nurture’ or ‘cultivation’ . Rooted in his theory that creativity flows out of the way human perception works as a self-organizing information system, these techniques include random word generation, multiple focuses, “provocations” that provide a novel framework through which to look at things, and the “six hats method” encouraging cooperative exploration instead of adversarial thinking. His insights seem broadly applicable to business, education, law and other fields.

* Simplicity (ebook)

In an increasingly complex world ‘simplicity’ is going to be a key value. The pace of change is not going to stop so we have to make a conscious effort to make things simpler. Edward de Bono is in an ideal position to write such a book because of his vast experience in the area of creativity, design and perception. In a powerful and simple way, he shows us how very often a lateral thinking approach can simplify a complex matter.

* Six thinking hats (ebook)

Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is the groundbreaking psychology manual that has inspired organisations and individuals all over the world. De Bono’s innovative guide divides the process of thinking into six parts, symbolized by the six hats, and shows how the hats can dramatically transform the effectiveness of meetings and discussions. This is a book to open your mind, unleash your creativity and change the way you think about thinking.

Edward DeBono explains what is often viewed as a complex skill in such a simple way that anybody who reads the book should understand how to improve their thinking. The book is easy to read with short captivating illustrations which drive home the message being put across. There are no theories, principles or models in the book. It is not a book based on “so many steps to achieve a goal”, neihter does it reveal a new formula to successful thinking. Each section is well arranged giving a summary of each thinking hat at the end of each hat’s session in the book. Overall this is a compulsory read for anybody interested in improving their thinking and facilitators running brainstroming sessions. Although it can be used to tackle any type of project requiring idea generation or problem solving.

* Teach your self to think

Thinking is the most important thing that you will ever do. And you have to do it every day. If thinking were natural and easy we should all be geniuses.
Considering how important thinking is – for problem solving, making decisions, making plans, responding to situations and generally coping – we pay very little attention to it as a skill. Yet it is a skill, just like skiing and carpentry. We can get better at it if we want to. Learning to ride a bicycle may be awkward and artificial at first, but once we learn how then it becomes very easy and useful.

Computers are nothing without software. The human brain is just an excellent memory mechanism. It requires software to turn this memory mechanism into ‘thinking’ mechanism.

In this book as software for the mind, Edward de Bono lays out a very simple five-stage structure as a framework for thinking. Much of thinking is a matter of ‘directing attention’ to what matters. The structure laid out in this book does just that. Instead of the usual confusion of thinking there are clear steps.

* The six values medals (ebook)

Whether you’re a Director, Manager or Employee, this is the book that could improve your company, your career – and your life. Changing business practices and an evolving workforce require a new way of working. ‘Values’ may seem like a thing of the past, but in this groundbreaking book, Edward de Bono introduces an exciting but simple framework for making creative, smart decisions in business based on embracing company values – the focus for the 21st century. Offering sound advice on decision-making and better thinking practices, “The Six Value Medals” thwarts traditional thinking habits and enables you to highlight your strengths while pinpointing areas for improvement, helping you and your company become more successful. Want to be the best? Then it’s time to start using the “Six Value Medals”.

* Thinking course (ebook)

Transform your thinking! Is the way you think like the colour of your eyes – something you are born with and cannot alter? Or is thinking a skill that can be improved with practice, like swimming, tennis or cooking?

In this practical book, Edward de Bono lays out some simple but powerful tools with which we can optimize our thinking, decision making and problem solving. Most of the errors of thinking are errors of perception and that is precisely where these tools help.

– How to enhance your thinking processes by developing your perception
– How to make the most of your thinking skills and how thinking differs from intelligence
– How to make decisions, and deal with emotions and values whilst focusing on the future.

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