Dreamweaver CC Essential Training with James

Dreamweaver CC Essential Training with James

Dreamweaver CC Essential Training with James

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Author: James Williamson
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Build standards-compliant websites from the ground up with Dreamweaver CC, the industry leading web design and development application from Adobe.

In this course, author James Williamson shows you all you need to get started, including a tour of the user interface and guidance on creating new pages, setting up a logical structure for content, and generating clear and accessible code. Find out how to use Dreamweaver to speed up the development of your HTML and CSS, how to incorporate images and tables, and how to use the powerful CSS tools in Dreamweaver to rapidly customize the look and feel of your site. The final chapter explores site management techniques, including adding remote servers, overseeing multiple sites, and validating pages.

Topics include:
* Learning how to approach web design
* Managing workspaces
* Defining a new site
* Managing starter pages
* Exploring the authoring options
* Creating links
* Setting CSS preferences and styling a page
* Placing and styling images
* Working with tabular data
* Uploading files
* Checking for broken links

What is Dreamweaver? 1m 4s
Introduction 6m 49s
Welcome 1m 2s
Using the exercise files and a local site 2m 58s
Approaches to learning web design 2m 49s

1. The Dreamweaver Interface 55m 50s
Windows and Mac interface differences 6m 8s
The Welcome screen 7m 39s
Toolbars 11m 43s
The Insert panel 8m 30s
The Properties inspector 6m 28s
Working with panels 6m 53s
Managing workspaces 8m 29s

2. Managing Projects 27m 21s
Basic site structure 3m 45s
The Files panel 1m 52s
Defining a new site 6m 31s
Managing files and folders 6m 34s
Testing files in browsers 5m 45s
Editing sites 2m 54s

3. Creating New Documents 30m 43s
Creating new files 6m 23s
New document preferences 3m 50s
Exploring starter pages 4m 4s
Managing starter pages 16m 26s

4. Authoring Options 34m 7s
Document view options 3m 38s
Editing in Design view 7m 37s
Using Live view 7m 43s
Editing in Code view 10m 9s
Using the Quick Tag Editor 5m 0s

5. Structuring Documents 46m 4s
Creating basic page structure 11m 47s
Getting text into Dreamweaver 7m 16s
Importing Word documents 4m 20s
Adding structure to text 9m 37s
Creating lists 6m 46s
Creating definition lists 6m 18s

6. Creating Links 35m 20s
Overview of links 5m 48s
Setting site link preferences 2m 44s
Creating site links 10m 47s
Building absolute links 3m 51s
Linking to named anchors 7m 43s
Creating an email link 4m 27s

7. Managing CSS 1h 47m
Setting CSS preferences 7m 50s
CSS Designer overview 9m 47s
Creating a new CSS rule 5m 19s
Styling type properties 7m 12s
Styling basic layout properties 6m 46s
Styling borders 7m 15s
Styling background properties 9m 18s
Styling additional properties 4m 56s
Styling links 11m 11s
Organizing styles 8m 45s
Attaching an external style sheet 9m 57s
Controlling CSS through the Properties inspector 6m 33s
Using Live view and CSS Inspect 5m 8s
Using the Code Navigator 7m 49s

8. Working with Images 55m 52s
Managing images and other assets in Dreamweaver 9m 25s
Placing images on the page 9m 9s
Controlling image properties 8m 23s
Integration with Photoshop 7m 32s
Styling images 4m 42s
Using background images 7m 53s
Positioning background images 8m 48s

9. Working with Tables 41m 33s
Basic table structure 7m 44s
Importing tabular data 5m 13s
Creating accessible tables 6m 1s
Enhancing tables through styles 11m 46s
Improving table readability 10m 49s

10. Site Management 44m 3s
Adding remote servers 7m 0s
Uploading files 12m 27s
Updating files site-wide 9m 17s
Checking for broken links 7m 39s
Validating pages 3m 53s
Managing multiple sites 3m 47s
Conclusion 1m 15s
Where to go from here 1m 15s

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