Dr. Lisa Rusczyk – Learn How to Become a Self-Published Author

Dr. Lisa Rusczyk – Learn How to Become a Self-Published Author

Dr. Lisa Rusczyk – Learn How to Become a Self-Published Author

Dr. Lisa Rusczyk – Learn How to Become a Self-Published Author

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Author: Dr. Lisa Rusczyk

Earn Extra Income, Learn a New Skill, and See Your Book on Amazon

eBook self publishing is something that anyone can do. Amazon is the largest marketplace to sell eBooks. There could not be a better time to join the world of self-publishing on Amazon to publish your first book.

About this Beginner Self-Publishing Course

You are going to learn everything you need to know to be able to create professional ebooks that will be for sale for your friends, family, and followers to purchase on Amazon. Even if you aren’t interested in a career change this course will give you the necessary skills to create and publish eBooks to the Amazon eBook Store.

You will learn how to use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and how to read the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Reports after you make your first sale.

Why Choose this Self Publishing Course?

So many self publishing courses are created by people who have not simplified the processes. I recently earned a Doctorate of Educational Leadership specializing in Educational Technology. In the past 4 years I have had many of my books at the #1 spot on Amazon. I have self published 300 books that are currently available at Amazon. In the past I have helped friends self-publish their work and I would love to help you too.

Self Publishing Course Structure

You should watch the concepts and follow along to self publish your first book by watching videos. After watching the videos you can complete the activities on your own. If you really want to self-publish books that people want to buy, watch the concepts, and then self publish your first book.


Videos will give you the information you need to move to the next step. These videos with give you concise information to save you time to make decisions on the setting that you choose for your ebook.


At the end of each core principle you will be given an exercise that you must build that demonstrates the skills you have just learned.

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