Dr. John F. DeMartini – Unlock Your Inner Wealth Genius by Gavin Stephenson

Life Coaching to Discover Your Purpose

Dr. John F. DeMartini - Unlock Your Inner Wealth Genius by Gavin Stephenson

Dr. John F. DeMartini – Unlock Your Inner Wealth Genius by Gavin Stephenson

Break Through Your Internal Blocks and Open Yourself to Wealth

Growing up, John Demartini was put into the “possibility trashcan” – no one thought he’d amount to much. He was born with learning and physical disabilities and his teachers wrote him off because he had difficulty reading, writing, and speaking. At age 14 he dropped out of school. By the world’s standards he was definitely NOT a candidate for success.

But his teachers were wrong…

Following a near death experience at 17, John met Paul Bragg, an eminent nutritionist and pioneer in the US wellness movement. Bragg helped John create a vision for his life: to study the Masters of Wealth and personal development and to travel the world growing and sharing his knowledge – and getting handsomely paid for doing so.
John went on to overcome his dyslexia, earn a doctorate degree with honours, and author over 40 books.

John now lives on the ultra-luxurious residential cruise ship “The World”, a true Wealth Immersion environment with the highest number of Billionaires per square metre anywhere in the world.

He has dedicated his life to the study of human behaviour and the paths to success taken by some of the wealthiest people of today and over the course of history. A voracious reader, he has read over 20,000 books, including the famous – and extremely rare and valuable – “Book of Wealth” which he cites as a major influence on his thinking.

John has an unmatched understanding of the metaphysical Laws of The Universe which control the flow of money-energy…Laws which are constant and are as applicable today as they were for the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the tycoons of the Industrial Revolution.

Through his studies and his close connections with a network of extremely wealthy people on land and sea, John has acquired unique insights into the ways in which wealth can be created – predictably, consistently and sustainably.

The proof?

John applied his knowledge to his own life and now saves and invests up to $80,000 – $100,000 per month. This kind of result speaks volumes about John’s level of understanding and ability.

Listen closely as John reveals to you the quickest, safest and most reliable way to become a Millionaire…through mastering the timeless Laws of Wealth and creating your own F.A.S.T. Wealth System.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover from John:
– The #1 Rule of Wealth to master before you can become wealthy.
– How your ‘values’ directly affects how wealthy you are without your even knowing it.
– A new ‘mindset’ to be free of (bad) debt forever
– How to manage your financial commitments to others and take a giant leap towards financial freedom
– The Law of 7 – How to Get Anything You Want in Life.
-The Law of Equal Exchange – How to make sure you are always handsomely rewarded for your work.

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