Do it with DRUPAL

Do it with DRUPAL

Do it with DRUPAL

COST: $300
Author: Jeff Robbins, Kristina Halvorson, Dries Buytaert.
Size: 12.8 GB
Website: _
The Do It With Drupal Seminar has come and gone; however, you can now get access to the archive of content from the event. Learn what it takes to build successful websites and online communities by watching over 80 hours of video from the Do It With Drupal Seminar. We’re making the video from the seminar sessions available.

Learn from Drupal’s top developers and some of the web’s top community leaders and thinkers.
See dissections of some of the most popular and successful Drupal sites.
Gain insight from Drupal experts who answer questions from other web professionals, developers, designers, and decision makers.
Learn about the nuts and bolts of architecting, planning, building, and managing Drupal projects.
Hear from community-building experts about the processes for building and growing successful websites.

The event was organized by Lullabot’s team of experts and featured some of the world’s most well-respected Drupal developers, designers, and architects.

DVD #1

01. Jeff Robbins Keynote [39:09] 02. Site Dissection. The Economist [74:26] 03. Architecting a Drupal site [75:14] 04. Introduction to Drupal [79:00] 05. Anatomy of a Distribution. Open Atrium [73:33] 06. CraigsList [78:35] 07. CCK [76:30] 08. Site Dissection. New York Senate [75:01] 09. Etsy [75:41] 10. Views [74:55] 11. Site Dissection. [68:26] 12. Stack Overflow [72:21]

DVD #2

13. Organic Groups [62:41] 14. Let’s Hug It Out. UX, Design, Code… and Content [58:59] 15. WWCMD. What would the Community Manager Do [82:30] 16. From Photoshop to Drupal Theme [74:56] 17. Configuring a kick ass WYSIWYG editor [79:28] 18. Creating a community [77:04] 19. Drupal Front End Tips and Tricks [66:28] 20. Geolocation [68:49] 21. Building the Drupal Community [71:57] 22. jQuery for Drupal [81:03] 23. All About Ubercart [233:05] 24. SEO for Drupal [61:02]

DVD #3

25. Harnessing the Power of Features [71:41] 26. Dries Buytaert Keynote [51:56] 27. Investing in Open Source [58:07] 28. Drupal in the Cloud [76:10] 29. Looking Forward To Drupal 7 [75:27] 30. Drupal for Schools and Universities [225:27] 31. Open Source Business [58:59] 32. Drupal Under Fire. Website Security [70:29] 33. Panels [74:54] 34. Scrum-based Project Management with Drupal [185:36] 35. Drupal Under Pressure. Performance & Scalability [74:59] 36. Dates & Calendars in Drupal [71:40] 37. All Drupal Questions Answered – The Expert Panel [69:14] [center][img][/img] [b][color=red]Purchase premium accounts in order to enjoy unlimited downloads with resuming support
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