DJ Producer Series

DJ Producer Series

Working With Sound – DJ Producer Series
2.03 GB | English | .AVI | 720×480 | AC3 320 Kbits | 3 Volume
Genre: Working With Sound

Vol. 1
In this DJ/Producer DVD, Richard “Spyda” Bonnin shows the equipment and tecniques to put you on top of production and the DJ scene. Interviews with Robert Moog, Herbie Hancock, Wally Callerio, and DJ Jam (Dr. Dre).
* Learn to make beats using drum machines, samplers, keyboards, sample CDs & more
* Discover today’s hottest software tools
* Interviews with music insiders
* 5 part method for making bets
* An overview of MID & audio interfaces

Finally, a video tutorial that documents the mysteries and inner working of producing urban electronic music.
Join Richard “Spyda” Bonnin on a tour using samples, sequencers, drum machines, computers, and more. You’ll learn how to create today’s hot beats right in your own home via an easy to follow 5-step method. MPO
Many urban musical styles are covered – from Hip Hop to House, Jungle, R & B, and more. Discover the popular tools and methods that will help you get the most out of your studio tracks. A “Must Have”: DVD for DJs, Remixers, Producers, or anyone wanting to know more about electronic music production.

Vol. 2
Learn all the techniques and tips about spinning, with the Scratching and Mixing.
On this DVD from the DJ Producer Series, turntablists DJ E, J-Solo, DMC DJ champion P-Trix, and DJ Swamp lay down the dope grooves and show you exactly how it’s done. Using traditional gear, these vinyl masters give you all the inside tips and secret spinning techniques that have made them great. Hosted by Richard Spyda Bonnin. The best way to set up your DJ equipment and how to scratch, mix, and match beats are all covered in detail on this informative DVD.

Scratching and Mixing Features:
* DJ E
* J-Solo
* DMC DJ champion P-Trix
* DJ Swamp
* Hosted by Richard Spyda Bonnin
* Inside techniques and tips
* Scratching
* Mixing
* Beat matching
* Gear setup

Discover for yourself the techniques and inside tips that will have you scratching and mixing like a champ in no time using traditional DJ gear. Hosted by Richard Spyda Bonnin.

Vol. 3
Digital Scratching and Mixing DJ Producer is must for those who aspire to master scratching.
This DJ Producer Series shows you how to use today’s hottest CD players, hook up a complete mobile rig, beatmatch, create transitions, remix, and digitally scratch.

Digital Scratching and Mixing Features:
* Mixing on today’s hottest CD players
* Learning the lingo
* Hooking up a complete mobile DJ rig
* Beatmatching
* Creative transitions
* Remixing and beat juggling
* Digital scratch techniques
* Mixing with computer based DJ systems

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