Digital Juice – Drag and Drop Series 2


Digital Juice – Drag and Drop Series 2

Drag & Drop Series 2 Includes 8 Sets:
– D&D Speed Lines (90+ Overlays and Transitions): Leap forward with fast linear light. Streaking lines of luminous light & vibrant color propel your production with a burst of warp speed.
– D&D Touch of Glass (40+ Clips and Overlays): Draw their ryes to the reflective edge. Add a shining accent via the interplay of glossy surface and light-catching lines.
– D&D Ragged Edge (50+ Clips and Overlays): Celebrate imperfection in the outer limits. Rough-hewn borders of active chaos frame and focus the center action.
– D&D Color Leaks (100+ Clips and Overlays. Expose your footage to unpredictable excitement. Let your edit thrive in the chaos of a colorful wave of soft vibrant color. Splash life in the face.
– D&D Hot Spots (40+ Clips and Overlays): Shine a light and heighten the intensity. Let it be known that your production is ready to stand in the spotlight.
– D&D Fabric Flow (40+ Clips and Overlays): Set course to catch a rippling wave. Wrap your footage in the evocative flow of rippling fabric, resplendent with color and a luminous sheen.
– D&D Ethereal Thoughts (40 Clips and Overlays): Elevate your thoughts to a higher plane. Add mystery and motion with a subtle interplay of obscured reflections and shadowed spaces.
– D&D Glitz & Glamour (50 Clips and Overlays): Sparkle, shine and bring on the bling. Give in to your attraction for shiny things. Add a touch of magical sparkle and shimmering glamour.

– Includes 8 Sets:
– More than 450 QuickTime Clips, Transitions and Overlays – Gives you the variety you need to find the perfect complement to your footage.
– Compatible with all Video Editing Software – All effects are Quicktime clips that will work with all editing and motion design software including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion and more.
– Simple to use – Nothing new to learn. Just drag to your timeline and apply a blend mode
– Resolution 1920×1080 FULL HD
– Requires No Plugins – No need to spend countless hours finding just the right settings, then waiting for renders.
– Works on both Mac and Windows
– Requires Juicer 3.90 and above



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