Derek Allen – Viddy Click

Derek Allen – Viddy Click

Derek Allen – Viddy Click

Name Product: Derek Allen – Viddy Click

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Tennessee Dad Reveals:
How to Make Passive Income From Simple Affiliate Videos On Youtube in Just 2 weeks.
Sell products online using the same techniques as 6-figure video marketers with a simple but revolutionary strategy.

This 21 Page Report And The Three Accompanying Videos Are Designed To Teach You To Sell Products Online Using The Same Simple Techniques As 6-Figure Video Marketers In The Next 2 Weeks.
So what exactly is this going to do for you?

Can a simple course really turn everything around for you?

Yes. Yes it can.

Here’s How In Just 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Finding A Great YOUTUBE Niche – You’re going to learn inside that not every niche is a good fit for this strategy. Mike and I like to focus primarily on just 7 of the best money niches on Youtube. We’ll reveal exactly what those are so you can just dive straight in. You’ll also learn the criteria that a niche market must meet in order to be considered “Youtube Worthy”. Value: $29.95

Step 2 – Get Your $5 Dollar Bills Ready – This is important because you’ll see, step-by-step, how we leverage small $5 dollar bills and Fiverr to have someone else create genuine review videos for you. You’ll never have to be on camera or use your voice. All you have to do is wait for your provider to deliver your video. And this isn’t your standard “search Fiverr for the best provider” concept either. We will show you how to get the perfect candidate for the job to find you instead of you finding them. Huge timesaver here. Value: $19.95

Step 3 – Easy Youtube Traffic – This is big because most people make getting traffic to Youtube videos way too complicated. We are going to keep it simple by showing you two tricks that will allow you to get targeted views for your video almost instantly… And without ever needing to rank in Google or Youtube! Value: $29.95

Step 4 – The Secret Sauce – This little psychological mind hack will practically force your viewers to click your affiliate links. You’ll learn exactly how to get your video viewers off of Youtube and on to your product page within 30 seconds of them watching your video. Value: $49.95

What I think you’ll really like is the fact that you’ll be selling affiliate products through Amazon (or the equivalent). That means you’ll never get stuck promoting some lame information product to your visitors. This opens up an unlimited number of opportunities for you to take this easy method and scale it to the sky!

I’ve never taught how to sell physical products with video before, but judging on people’s responses… I should have been teaching it all along!

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