Dean Cortez – Badboy Blueprint

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Dean Cortez – Badboy Blueprint

Dean Cortez – Badboy Blueprint

COST: $67= Your Free
Author: Dean Cortez
Size: 1.82 GB

Have you ever felt that being too nice is holding you back from getting laid? Have you ever been friends with a hot woman, and you wanted to take it to a sexual level…but you didn’t, because you were afraid to “mess things up” with her?

Are you sick and tired of women playing games with you? They seem like they’re into you, but then for some strange reason their attraction cools off. When you call them to hang out, they say they’re “busy”…or even worse, they tell you they “just want to be friends.”

Or maybe your game has been improving lately. You’ve studied some pickup techniques. But now it’s time for you to put all of the pieces together. You’re ready to turbo-charge your game and start getting massive results with beautiful women…models, strippers, the “fantasy chicks” that most guys think are untouchable.

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