Davinci Brainwaves with Garret LoPorto

Garret LoPorto – Davinci Brainwaves

Garret LoPorto – Davinci Brainwaves

How to Have
Peak Experiences
at the Touch of a Button …”

It used to take years of discipline to develop the ability to rapidly shift states of consciousness and achieve peak experiences at will. Now all it takes is your headphones and this revolutionary Psychoactive Sound™ Program Series.

Introducing the World’s Most Advanced Brainwave CD Audio Set with Psychoactive Sound™ Technology:

Today, using the latest in psychoacoustic audio technologies you can shift your brainwaves to your desired state of mind simply by listening to these brainwave entrainment audio programs on your CD or MP3 player.

Why work hard, when you can work smart?
With this amazing technology you can reliably and consistently enter profound states of consciousness – at the touch of a button – unleashing your power to focus, learn, create, meditate, sleep and heal.

Gain Control of Your Mind;
Gain Control of Your Life.

Your brainwave state effects virtually every aspect of your life experience. When you are having trouble focusing or you are having trouble sleeping it is because you are in the wrong brainwave state for what you want to do. But that’s all about to change for you.

You can immediately begin using this program to achieve any mental state you want. You can achieve your life dreams with the happiness that comes from feeling calm, focused, creative and in control of your mental state.

This is Like Owning Training Wheels for Your Mental State.

This is your opportunity to discover the astonishing power of the latest in brainwave and Psychoactive Sound™ technology.

This breakthrough Psychoactive Sound™ technology lets you induce any mental state you wish, instantly with just the touch of a button. Whether you want to be in a state of alert focus, calm, creativity, deep meditation or sleep; all of these states can be quickly and easily achieved by using this new technology to control your natural brainwave activity.

Dial Up Your Success

Recall a time when you felt deeply calm and relaxed … or unusually alert and focused … or passionately creative. These and other extraordinary states of mind correspond to unique patterns of your brainwave activity – activity that can be chosen at will using this breakthrough sound technology. When you can shift your brainwaves into your desired range of activity, you can quite literally control your state of mind.

Imagine, if you will, immersing your brain in a sonic environment containing powerful, but safe, audio frequencies and strobes that put you into an incredible experience of alert focus, passionate creativity or deep meditation. This is so powerful it will immediately begin to create profound, positive changes in your life!

With this technology you can be alert, focused, creative, calm, or deeply meditative – any time you want to – all by choosing your CD and pressing play.

Will this Psychoactive Sound™ work for you?
The Psychoactive Sound™ process has been scientifically proven to work by naturally synchronizing your brainwaves to embedded carrier frequencies.

As long as you can hear, this will work for you too!

The Revolutionary New Digital Alternative to Drugs

We have become a drug dependant society, using coffee and energy drinks to wake us up, Ritalin and Adderall to help us focus in school or work, alcohol to help us unwind, anxiety medication to calm our nerves and sleeping pills to help us overcome the effects of all the stimulants we take during the day.

Chemical stimulants, drugs and alcohol are clumsy, unhealthy and dangerous tools for helping us choose our brainwave states. Now there is much better solution – Psychoactive Sound™ embedded music containing this subtle but extremely powerful new brainwave state guiding technology.
The Trouble with Caffeine, Ritalin, Adderall, Energy Drinks etc…

Caffeine, Ritalin, Adderall and most chemical stimulants throw your system into brainwave state of alert/crisis by stopping your brain from producing your more intuitive & daydream evoking brainwaves (these brainwaves are what give you those all-important feelings of well-being). While eliminating these brainwaves gives you that instant rush of energy at first, you’ll notice that that “rush” soon dissolves into more of a generalized stress, anxiety and dis-ease.

Unfortunately many stimulants over-stimulate your system and throw you out of the optimal thinking/problem solving brainwave state right into a manic/anxiety brainwave state. You also may have noticed that while you may get a lot of tasks done at first while you’re on these stimulants – WHAT you’re getting done may not be the wisest choices. These choices often become motivated by your anxiety and stress; and drive you to “make mountains out of molehills” and then spend the rest of your day battling these made up issues. You are working hard but not smart, because the stimulants have suppressed your creative, intuitive source of wisdom in order to achieve the mild panic state you experience as “energy”.

If you believe in the power of your thoughts to attract positive or negative experiences into your life, then you understand how destructive it can be to use stimulants that suppress the very brainwaves that offer you a sense of peace and well-being. That’s what caffeine has been clinically proven to do! Furthermore, Ritalin and Adderall are even worse in this regard. Our frantic “get ahead at all costs” society does not seem to realize that getting tasks done more quickly by sacrificing one’s sense of well being, may not be as effective as we once thought.

The other notable downside of chemical stimulants is that they tend to stay in your system for many hours longer than you want them to, resulting in restlessness, irritability, inability to unwind at the end of the day, and insomnia at night.

Finally, many of these stimulants have been shown again and again in studies to be bad for your heart, because they force your heart rate to accelerate beyond normal functioning levels causing unnecessary stress and wear & tear on your body’s most precious organ.

It’s time to get off the chemical stimulants and switch to the subtle power of Psychoactive Sound™ because Psychoactive Sound:

Can rapidly put you into an alert, focused, energetic brainwave state without sacrificing your Inspired tranquility brainwaves
Effects wear off just moments after turning off the music so you can quickly shift from alert focus back down to relaxed tranquility
Does not stress your heart

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