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Garret LoPorto - Davinci Brainwaves

Garret LoPorto – Davinci Brainwaves

We recommend beginning with the 10 minute meditation and gradually moving up to the 20 and then 30 minute meditations. ‘Guided’ meditations include gentle voice instructions to help maintain focus for the especially distractable. You or your child might find it best to begin the program using these guided meditations and then move on to the unguided versions as your mind becomes more accustomed to the process.

NOTE: Meditation abilities develop over time with repitition. We recommend that anybody having trouble with the longer meditations build their way up by starting with the shorter programs (3, 5 and 7 minutes). PARENTS: the key is to make meditation enjoyable for your children, so starting with the shorter programs may be best for the long term enthusiasm of the child if they have trouble with the longer programs at first.

This special meditation contains voice instructions throughout the entire 30 minutes.

Thirty Minute Special Guided Meditation (30 minutes) 54.7 MB

Three Minute Guided Meditation (3 minutes) 6 MB

Five Minute Guided Meditation (5 minutes) 9.6 MB

Seven Minute Guided Meditation (7 minutes) 13.2 MB

Ten Minute Meditation (10 minutes) 20.4 MB

Ten Minute Guided Meditation (10 minutes) 20.4 MB

Twenty Minute Meditation (20 minutes) 37.2 MB

Twenty Minute Guided Meditation (20 minutes) 37.2 MB

Thirty Minute Guided Meditation (30 minutes) 55.8 MB

If you’d like to try the ten minute meditation with less music and sound, use the alternate version below.

Alternate Ten Minute Meditation (10 minutes) 20.5 MB

The alert Focus program (70 minutes):

Use to: Study for exams, Get organized, Replace caffeine and energy drinks and eliminate negative symptoms of ADD or ADHD. The natural enkephalins and catecholamines released by the brain suddenly make your memory and learning skills so much more powerful. You feel alert, clear and powerful. You’re getting all your tasks done at an amazing pace. Total clarity.

alert Focus – begin (35 minutes) 65 MB

alert Focus – sustain (35 minutes) 65 MB

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