David Wygant – 7 Second Seduction

David Wygant – 7 Second Seduction
David Wygant – 7 Second Seduction

David Wygant – 7 Second Seduction

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Author: David Wygant
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The 7 Second Seduction System by David Wygant is a 5-volume video and audio-coaching program that teaches you how to create powerful desire in women within 7 seconds. The system is designed to use the psychological triggers in the female mind in order to give you the power to attract the woman of your choosing.

Volume #1: Getting Into The Game

How at least 5 negative “limiting beliefs” are currently crippling your confidence; and why getting results, as most teachers tell you, will NOT change those beliefs for you…

What you “feel” when you walk up to her is something she feels Immediately… and how a simple technique allows you to change how you feel(even if you’re terrified) — as simple as flipping on a light switch.

The 6 worst body language blunders nearly 99% of all guys make that convey you’re the exact opposite of the “unlikely hero” she secretly fantasizes about… and how to fix them all before your next interaction with a woman.

How important is eye contact? Let’s just say, if your eyes look in this specific direction for even a split second when you first meet her… you’re out. I’ll show you why and what to do about it…

Why “confidence” as you and nearly all other guys think about it… doesn’t really exist. (This is why women say they want “confident”man, even though they don’t really think “confidence” is the answer, nor can they teach it to you…)

And I’ll break down a little-known way to hack into your own brain and bypass even the deepest “confidence problems” in a matter of seconds even if you’re the most insecure guy in the world right now.

Volume #2: How To Meet Women At The Grocery Store

Why women in this location are consistently hotter, smarter and friendlier…

How women are nearly always ALONE in this venue — yes! — no scary groups to approach or jealous friends who will cock block you…

The best (and worst) times to go in order to maximize your odds of meeting the most beautiful women…

The one thing NEVER to say to a woman here (these 5 common words lead to instant, humiliating rejection) — plus, the one opening line that successfully starts a conversation with any woman, any time…

How to use “hidden props” in this location to easily “wow” her in the first 7 seconds, and then ramp up that attraction until she’s practically throwing herself at you…

And way more than I can possibly list here.

Volume #3: How To Meet Women At The Coffee Shop

In volume 3, I take the camera into restaurants and teach you how to create instant attraction and chemistry with cute waitresses and hostesses.

I mean… let’s be real. What guy hasn’t met a hot waitress or hostess, but didn’t know what to say or how to flirt?

In this video, I show you all that and more. When combined with the core 7second seduction process you learn, this training gives you an almost unfair advantage over other guys she meets.

Best of all, it applies to ANY hot woman you meet in a restaurant …not just the ones who work there. Yes, that means the next time you see a woman who’s “girlfriend material” while eating… do what I show you and she’ll practically beg to give you her number

Volume #4: How To Meet Women On The Street

Volume 4, which is also made up of both video and audio footage, covers “street approaches” where I show you how to casually strike up fun conversations and USE the mind-set and body language secrets she’s looking for to start falling for you, almost instantly…

There’s also a module where one of my teachers and I hit the streets of New York and demonstrate how to use the 7 second seduction process to effortlessly get numbers everywhere you go.

Most guys completely CHOKE UP when it’s time to get a girl’s number… but you’ll see and know when to ask, exactly what to say, and how to say it so that she’s excited to hand take your phone and type in her number.

Volume #5: How To Meet Women At A Restaurant And How To Seduce The Waitress

In volume 5 you’all see me use 7 second seduction in the coffee shop,finishing the interaction by hooking up with the woman in her car right outside…

It happened, again, NOT because I’m smooth or special, but because she felt good from the moment she met me… and I knew enough to not screw it up.

The same will be true for you, but ONLY if you master this and start to get beyond the first 7 seconds that most guys are rejected in…

Just imagine how little competition you’ll have!

Seriously, if there’s anything I’ve learned in all my years as a dating coach, it’s that rejection happens almost instantly… and this painful rejection happens to99.99% of all guys out there who try speaking to beautiful women.

Yet, that does NOT have to happen to you… if you take action on what I’m teaching you today.

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