David Barron – The Whammy

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David Barron - The Whammy

David Barron – The Whammy

To those that do not know, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The name is mainly used to make it sound much more impressive and scientific than it actually is. It is basically used as a term by gurus and consultants and every random prick selling anything related to just about anything. It is full of crap, bullshit, and self-serving dribble.

Unfortunately for me, I do think there is something to it. Not the actual terminology of the phrase nor the exact methods they talk about, but the simple belief that we can alter the way we think and others think using certain methods. How we do that, is the difficult question. I do not think this is easy, and these presenters cannot sell their product if they do say it is not easy, so they all have simple methods that might sound reasonable to the person who is into their garbage, and they will usually be ready to take it like a cheap whore.

This audiobook by David Barron is a good example of a bad product. His product is only 45 minutes long (with some extra material, which I won’t even acknowledge) and he splits it into three different techniques, Elicitation, Anchoring, and The Whammy, to be able to used as persuasion. The first two are generic NLP stuff, with the third one being his and I guess you can just figure out from the name how shitty it is. If you call something “The Whammy”, then you know it can’t be good.

I’ll just talk about The Whammy, and just listen to how stupid this is, and see if you can fucking persuade anyone with this technique. Tell someone to think of something true, like the sun rises every morning or breathing is good. They think of it, now tell to visualize it and ask them questions to help with the visualization (such as “Is it in black and white or color?”). Then ask them where the location of that picture is. They will point somewhere, and you put your hand there. That’s it. Next time you want to ask them something that you want them to think is true, just put…your..hand…there when you ask the question. Because that is the location of their Truth, and you putting your hand there will make them think you are….fuck, let’s just stop.

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