Dave Kaminski – YouTube Mastery 2.0

Dave Kaminski - YouTube Mastery 2.0

Dave Kaminski – YouTube Mastery 2.0

Author: Dave Kaminski

Gotta love YouTube. Just like their parent company Google, they make the rules everyone has to follow and then turn around and change them all the time.

In early 2013 YouTube decided to change some of their rules. Like the factors that determine how your videos rank. How the keywords in your video titles and descriptions are handled. How related/recommended videos are determined. And most recently, how you can setup and configure your channels. And the list goes on.
To put it bluntly, what you need to succeed on YouTube in 2013 is different than it was one year ago.
So how can you keep on top of the game and have an unfair advange over everyone else using YouTube?
Easy. Introducing YouTube Mastery 2.0.
And for a limited time, not only can existing Web Video University customers get it before anyone else, but they can get it at a huge discount too.
Quickly and Easily Turn YouTube Into Your #1 Traffic Source
Over the past couple years, YouTube has semi-quietly become the world’s #2 search engine behind Google. The good news for you is that 99.99% of people (including your competitors) still don’t look at YouTube as a search engine. They look at it as a place to become rich and famous, to become a celebrity, or to try and launch the next viral hit. All fine endeavors indeed, but 99.92% of people fail at this.
And even better (for you), is that these same folks are compleley unaware of the crititcal changes YouTube has made behind the scenes in 2013.
But savvy business owners look at YouTube entirely different. They see it as a tool that can provide just as much traffic as Google, but cheaper, faster, easier and with far less competition than Google.
And they also keep on top of the game, always keeping up with what they need to know about YouTube’s frequent changes.
And that’s what our exclusive video training course, YouTube Mastery 2.0, is about. We show you how to use YouTube…in 2013…to drive consistent and considerable traffic to your web site.
No outdated techniques or methods. And we are NOT going to show you how to become rich and famous on YouTube or how to use video editing software. This course is not about video production. It’s about video exploitation, specifically, how to exploit the enormous popularity of YouTube to build your business and your bank account.
YouTube Mastery 2.0 over 2 hours of step by step video training. It’s 100% web based. You get lifetime access to everything. You can watch the videos as much as you want, whenever you want, from your desktop computer or even mobile devices like an iPad. And we don’t waste your time either. All of the training is direct and straight to the point. No fluff and no filler.
You don’t need any special abilities, talents or tools to be successful with this training. This training is for everyone…beginners and experience YouTube users alike. In fact, the concepts, tactics and techniques we share in the training are easily do-able by anyone.
Here’s a closer look at just a few of the things you’ll discover inside YouTube Mastery 2.0:
You’ll learn the #1 factor YouTube now uses to rank videos (something not even the so-called gurus are aware of)
You’ll learn how to properly research markets (and know in just minutes if a market is profitable or a waste of time)
We’ll show you a top-secret keyword formula that makes finding traffic rich YouTube keywords virtually goof-proof
You’ll discover how to properly setup your YouTube channel to double your traffic in under a day
We’ll show you the #1 video format for driving viewers straight from YouTube and onto your own web site
You’ll learn the 4 biggest mistakes people make with YouTube and the 4 quickest ways to guarantee success
YouTube recently rolled out a new One Channel layout…should you use it for your videos?  We’ll tell you in our training…

And we’ll even show you a dead-simple, under-the-radar technique that can start boosting your YouTube traffic exponentially in just days…plus much, much more.

The techniques we share will NOT get your videos deleted or your YouTube account shut down. In fact the exact opposite will happen…you’ll get bigger…you will continually get more views and more traffic. That’s because our techniques are 100% professional, legitimate and white hat.

This training is not based on theory or the success of a single YouTube channel. Instead, the techniques we share in this training were developed, tested, refined and proven over a 24 month period using multiple, unrelated YouTube channels and over 37 million video views.

So here’s the bottom line. Many people spend considerable amounts of time and money trying to achieve top ranking on Google. But the surprising truth of the matter is that you can get just as much traffic (and usually more) from YouTube. And you can get it a lot faster and easier. But you have to know the proper techniques and they have to be current. That is exactly what you’ll be receiving in YouTube Mastery 2.0.

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