Dan Kennedy’s – No-BS Mindset Secrets : How to Create, Think, and Work At MAXIMUM Effectiveness Each and Every Day

Dan Kennedy's - No-BS Mindset Secrets

Dan Kennedy's - No-BS Mindset Secrets

Dan Kennedy’s – No-BS Mindset Secrets




Hey, it’s Moe Moala, and as 2014 comes to a close here at GKIC we’re
gearing up for yet another CRAZY-GOOD year packed with incredible tools,
strategies, and surprises hand­crafted to help you build the business
you want and live the life of your dreams!

And in rummaging around the big ol’ box of fun at corporate HQ, I just
found the PERFECT end-of-the-year answer to getting your mind in shape
for 2015. It’s a never­before-released Audio CD interview with Santa
Dan himself…

“Dan Kennedy’s No-BS Mindset Secrets: How to Create, Think, and Work At MAXIMUM Effectiveness Each and Every Day .”

Here’s just a taste of what Dan will reveal in this powerful session:

• The surprisingly simple Single BEST way to improve your daily performance as an entrepreneur.

• Keys to making visualization work as a cunningly effective tool for achieving your goals.

• Why the running conversation you have going on inside your head can
make or break your ability to achieve your dreams … and how to turn
negative naggings into CAN DO Results!

• The power of “scripting” each and every day and why just “winging it” will get you nowhere fast.

• The two simple words of wisdom spoken of by ALL great philosophers,
teachers, and entrepreneurs – from the Bible, the Buddha, and the Donald
– that you MUST apply to your life in practically every waking moment.

• And much, much more.

Again, this is NEVER before released wisdom direct from the jolliest of
jolly old elves – Dan Kennedy (he’s a riot in the break room, trust me) –
so you definitely want to give it a listen as soon as you can.

Enjoy and have the very HAPPIEST of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year’s HOLIDAYS THIS VERY SPECIAL SEASON!

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