Dan Kennedy – Super Powers of Price Elasticity

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Dan Kennedy - Super Powers of Price Elasticity

Dan Kennedy – Super Powers of Price Elasticity

Here’s Just SOME OF What You’ll Discover In This Presentation:

15 different price presentation strategies that’ll make the actual price of what you offer irrelevant. Your prospects will gladly shell out more money because you’ve “turned off” their habitual thinking about price.

The secret to separating yourself emotionally from price so you can accurately think about price—and correctly ascertain your prospect’s true attitudes about price. This is the key to getting the big bucks!

The #1 trick to moving “spoiled customers” from free to cheap stuff to properly priced purchases. This is easy to implement and most marketers RARELY use this!

How to use the “New Science of Micro-Targeting” to remove ALL price ceilings and limits. This is how you attract customers, clients and patients who will cheerfully, gladly, and eagerly pay you 500% to 5,000% MORE than your competitor’s prices!

The 5 sources of business power that’ll allow you to avoid attracting the worst clients, patients, and customers on the planet (Are you making this mistake?)

How not to be the preferred source of expertise…but the ONLY source of expertise so that you’re the “go-to person” in your market. It’s all about positioning!

The secret to providing extraordinary experiences that keep customers coming back—and recommending your business to everyone they know (this is basically FREE advertising…and a recommendation is the best prospect you’ll ever have!)

How to consistently buck the trends your competitors follow religiously…and put yourself in such a strong position that you competitors cannot possibly touch you!

The paradox that raising prices will NOT suppress sales…and how you can harness this in your business so you can attract better customers, clients and patients who don’t give you headaches.

The secret to making “crummy” complaining customers practically disappear…and how you can get an instant 100% increase in profits (here’s how to do it!).

How to charge for what everyone else is giving away–including a real-life example of someone charging several hundred dollars an hour for a service that’s readily available for FREE (that’s just the beginning!).

3 simple questions one business owner asked so they can increase the average transaction size by 269% and INCREASED monthly profits by more than $20,000…and you’ll discover them too!

The secret to extracting your most affluent buyers from your lists. That way you can segment them and offer them higher-priced products and services that’ll skyrocket your profits!

…And a whole LOT more!!

Here is the rest of the description from the original post:

Key Benefits:
Dan’s presentation included:
15 different PRICE Presentation Strategies’ that make ACTUAL PRICE irrelevant…and how to use these Strategies in print, online, face-to-face, from the platform
Price Breakthrough Lessons from Disney, Donald Trump, Lamborghini, Dans’ own ‘Dentistry for Diabetics®, J. Peterman, and over 25 other legendary companies and entrepreneurs – including little-known, fascinating, and even funny stories and examples.
Separating yourself EMOTIONALLY from PRICE – how to ACCURATELY think about price and ACCURATELY assess your customers’ and prospects’ true attitudes about price.
Myths, Lies, Fears, and True Facts about PRICE & Advanced Psychology about ‘turning off’ customers’ habitual thinking about PRICE and value
How to move ‘spoiled customers’ from FREE or cheap to properly priced purchases
How to use ‘The NEW Science of MICRO-Targeting’ to remove All PRICE ceilings and limits…attracting customers/clients/patients who will cheerfully, gladly, eagerly pay from 500% to 5,000% MORE than your competitors’ PRICES
The links between PRICE – POWER – PROFIT that work for or against you

What You Get:
Personalized Welcome Letter
1 Transcripts Manual
1 Overheads Manual

Online Training & Manuals
In Module #1: How to Liberate Your Thought Process about Charging Higher Prices, you’ll Discover How to Achieve Virtually INSTANT & Dramatic Breakthroughs in Profits & Power with PHENOMENON™ -Like SPEED and SuperHuman Invulnerability to Cheap-Price Competition, Price-Shopping Customers, EVEN Recession…

Module #2: How to SUCCESSFULLY Market to the Affluent is a “Mini-Seminar” on WHERE to Find & HOW to Attract the EXPLOSIVELY Growing MASS-Affluent, Affluent, Affluent Boomers, and Ultra-Affluent Populations.

Module #3: is all about Universal Price Presentation Strategies that Make Actual Price Irrelevant…and goes into detail on How to Use These Strategies in Print, Online, Face-to-Face, and from the Platform.

Finally, in Module #4: you’ll learn How to Separate Yourself EMOTIONALLY from “Price” Dan will Reveal How to ACCURATELY Assess Your Customers’ and Prospects’ True Attitudes about Price…Plus ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY about “Turning Off” Customers’ Habitual Thinking about Price and Value.

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