Dan Kennedy – The Source Code to Business Success (October5 update)

Dan Kennedy - The Source Code to Business Success (October5 update)

Dan Kennedy - The Source Code to Business Success (October5 update)

Dan Kennedy – The Source Code to Business Success (October5 update)

The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction

29 Systems, Strategies And Secrets For Rapidly Transforming Your Business, Getting Rich, And Living A Life Of Freedom

The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction will explore the FORCES that move money and how to harness them and manage them for your own benefit.
You’ll also discover how you can implement these FORCES into practical attraction strategies for advertising and marketing-for positioning and presenting yourself to a group of people that you want to influence and obtain money from.
Here’s the cold, hard truth about attracting wealth: You must make an intense study of it and then implement proven results based strategies from someone who not only teaches it but lives it was well.
You can no longer waste your time with pie-in-the sky, what I call woo-woo teachers who promise if you just think hard enough and want it bad enough the “universe” will “manifest” it for you.
You need to learn a real system for wealth attraction and business growth from a master who has been honing and perfecting it for years.
And most importantly has gotten RESULTS not only in terms of tens of millions of dollars of net worth but also in terms of running his business and his life exactly how he wants it, free constraints and limitations most business owners and entrepreneurs are held prison to.
I Will Warn You. This Is Not For Everyone.

Most of this material has never been presented on one of GKIC’s main stages or in any of my monthly newsletters. That’s because this stuff is “too heavy” and sophisticated to be relegated to a 75-minute time slot at a conference or a 12-page newsletter article.
That’s why I revealed this subject at the closed-door “Advanced Wealth Attraction” event in Cleveland, Ohio where only 185 people were allowed to attend. And they had to pay at least $4000 for the seminar-depending on time of registration and membership level.
And now I’m making this available for a very limited time for people who feel they are ready for this material.
In fact, the wealth and success principles I want to share with you could put you at odds with people in your life with your new thinking, practice and demands.
So if you are easily offended, have heart palpitations, or are prone to emotional scarring after learning the TRUTH about money and wealth, then perhaps the Source Code is not for you.
But if you’re willing to be exposed to the TRUTH about money and business success that may have evaded you all these years.
.then the Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction is going to allow you to literally read money’s mind and better align yourself with the natural forces and movements of money in your business.

Here Are The Components Of This Wealth-Building System That’ll Allow You To Do Business On Your Terms:

System Binder I – Part 1 contains Five (5) DVDs, Eight (8) CDs, and transcripts from Day One of my $4,000 per person “Advanced Wealth Academy.” This is how you’ll breakthrough the self-sabotaging behavior that’s holding you back from the success you deserve. You will discover precisely what you’ll need to do to attract wealth EASIER than ever before-no more “pie in the sky” guessing.

System Binder I – Part 2 contains Four (4) DVDs, Seven (7) CDs, and the transcripts of day 2 of my “Advanced Wealth Academy.” I go deeper into the FORCES that attract money and how you can apply them in your advertising and marketing-including how to make everything you say and do to be magnetic to the people you want to attract and receive money from.

The Source Code Success Action Guides containing tools the original seminar attendees were not privy to. This will give you the step-by-step instructions on what to do and what order to do them so you can implement these strategies immediately. No more guesswork or wondering where to start.it’s all laid out for you in “paint-by-numbers” format.

My Million Dollar Rolodex that’ll give you an “instant network” of key contacts that will help you quickly make your business exactly like you want it to be without hassle or struggle. This will save you YEARS of cobbling together a network all by yourself and could warp-speed your success thanks to becoming a part of this Inner Circle that you can tap into anytime.

Special Fast Action Bonus (Value $1997):
Fresh From The Dan Kennedy-Only Training In June, 2015:

Personal Operating System –
The Dan Kennedy Business Life

This course should be sold by itself.at about the same price I’m offering The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction. But I like to reward fast action takers-and this time, I’m pulling out all the stops.
That’s why I’m going to give you access to Personal Operating System – The Dan Kennedy Business Life-an expose’ of my personal “modus operandi” on how I conduct business.
You’ll discover the methods and procedures I use everyday to create autonomy for myself and manage my time-including samples of my schedule, client contracts, consulting questions, and speaking agreements. This will give you CONTROL over your business and life.
You’ll get five (5) DVDs, eight (8) CDs, and transcripts of the entire presentation along with informational resources throughout. I’ll also give you access to the entire program through GKIC’s iMarket iPad application.
You’ll discover the practical steps on the following:

How I create autonomy for myself so I can out-earn most other copywriters and business consultants and work from my basement.
How I get more done in less time (most time management “gurus” will get royally TICKED off at this).
How I think-which is the “bread and better” of how I discover opportunities to be exploited.
Threats to quality thinking that could derail the amount you achieve and success you attract.
What I read to stay current and have enough “fodder” to create newsletters every month (I never suffer from “writer’s block”).
How I pick input and allocate time and attention (chances are you’re not putting this amount of time into these five critical categories).
The #1 Predictor of career success-and how you can implement it into your own business.
.and a whole LOT more!

Further, you’ll also get correspondence samples to clients to get a greater picture regarding how I think. This is like putting a Mack truck to the back of my brain and pulling out every single “blueprint” I use every single day in my business you can install in your own business. and life.
Best part: this is fresh stuff too.as this was filmed in June 2015 and made available ONLY for action takers who invest in The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction. So grab yours before they’re gone!

I’ve never shared before on how to leapfrog the usual “ladder” one is supposed to climb step-by-step over the course of 6-10 years to gain significant accomplishment.
In fact, most of my accomplishments have taken place in 6 months or less-much to the chagrin of other industry leaders who are infuriated at how fast I am able to do more.faster.
This is truly how you “bypass the B.S” at Mach speed. This is how you surpass the well-established norms and timeframes of accomplishment.and defy industry norms and even circumvent an industries’ bureaucracy.as I was able to do.
You’ll immediately recognize “money obstacles” that are getting in your way and immediately correct them-which would be more powerful than adding any new strategies, products, etc.
You’ll also discover business strategies that’ll make everything you say or do to be more magnetic to the people you want to attract and receive money from.
Listen: I am no Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Nor am I one of the founders of Facebook or Google. But I have achieved significant wealth and have total autonomy and independence.
I have net worth in the tens of millions of dollars, “locked-in” retirement income, and multiple business interests.
In other words, money always says Yes to me. It behaves. I speak from experience because I have made and lost fortunes. But nowadays I have been able to rise to top income, sustain it, and preserve it.
You see, I believe it’s not just the money you make, but HOW you make your money. And I’ve been able to make it without being beholden to anyone.
The Source Code To Business Success And Advanced Wealth Attraction will contain some practical nuts-and-bolts applications and steps you can take right now. You’ll be exposed to provocative questions about wealth, and even be privy to magical, “secret powers” of wealth that can be unleashed at will.
I know your skepticism is probably sky-high right now, but rest assured that:
You Don’t Have To Be A Genetic Freak Or Have “Talent”
To Make This Work For You:

I have the academic qualifications of a janitor. I don’t have a genius IQ and no exclusive head start. I don’t have family wealth, nor did I have “insider” connections. I even stuttered (still do sometimes) and was and still am socially awkward.
Yet I have been able to sustain a 7-figure yearly income largely on my terms-and not terms easily accepted by others.
So don’t be jealous or envy me-join me.
And don’t believe that your business is different. I have worked with 137 different industries over my 43 years in marketing and advertising and the principles I have taught them have reaped HUGE benefits.
In fact, this is what I experience with clients who pay me upwards of $125,000 per sales letter, $28,000 per year for just a handful of 20-minute phone consultations over 10-12 months, and upwards from $2500/hour for consulting.
.and 85% of clients use me repeatedly.
And this training will give you a full and complete understanding of how money moves so you can start having money flowing to you in the same fashion.
In fact, you could effectively re-engineer the way you and your business attracts money-partly because I’m going to take you deep, deep, deeeeeep into my practices and experiences.

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