creativeLIVE – The Wedding Project

creativeLIVE – The Wedding Project

creativeLIVE – The Wedding Project

Instructor: Doug Gordon
School: Photography
Date: 2 Day Workshop (May 29 31, 2013)
Video Format: WMV
Resolution: 968×544
File Size: 3.9GB

Join award-winning wedding photographer Doug Gordon for an unique introduction to the lighting, posing, and shooting skills you’ll need to take gorgeous wedding photographs.

Using his one-of-a-kind teaching style, Doug will guide you through lighting and shooting every stage of a wedding, including engagement sessions, bride and groom preparation, family portraits, and the ceremony and reception.

Through demonstration and discussion, Doug will also cover key aspects of lighting and shooting weddings, including making successful sales pitches, seeing and using different types of light, posing family portraits, and troubleshooting potentially stressful family situations.

The way you light, pose, and shoot defines your style as a photographer, and whether you’re a novice or a pro, Doug and this three-day creativeLIVE course will give you the tools you need to develop your style and shoot with confidence.

BIO: Doug, a photographer/ slash teacher/ slash motivational speaker, was raised by penguins following a childhood boating accident. He graduated from high school with an astounding GPA of 74 and that was only because he could throw a baseball over 90mph. His SAT scores, while not perfect, were very appropriate for his efforts. He continued his education with a one night class at Suffolk Community College, where he both learned that not all issues can be reduced to black or white and received his best sleep of his life, as he describes it.

While in his grueling, one class semester of night college, he continued his growth as wedding photographer (and chubby guy) who knew how to swerve with the ladies, including the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Vim. Now married for almost 13 years, he lectures frequently to his children on a variety of subjects, including, but not limited get into Disney restaurants without a reservation, while making up a great story. . He enjoys the misery of his favorite baseball team, the NY Mets, as well as watching Halle Berry and fishing, despite the painful memories.

Now, while we know Doug’s bio is intriguing and will draw questions, we figure to limit future inquiry, here are answers to some of the most common questions:
(a) Emperor Penguin, not King.
(b) Yes, it was cold. Thankfully, he had a sweater.
(c) 880 of which 800 points were for signing his name.

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