creativeLIVE – Sue Bryce – Marketing and Promotion

creativeLIVE - Sue Bryce - Marketing and Promotion

[center][b]creativeLIVE – Sue Bryce – Marketing and Promotion[/b][/center] Sue Bryce challenged you to 28 days, now she’s back at creativeLIVE for you to challenge her with your biggest marketing problems.

Sue is going to select marketing challenges from some of you and show you how to solve them with products created using the selected photographers’ images and brands.

During this special one-day class, Sue is going to present the problems and solutions and teach you to use them to get more clients and bookings. By using submitted images and brands, she’s going to show how these techniques can be applied to any studio – no more excuses!

Want to join in? Enroll now and access a link to where you can challenge Sue Bryce to create a solution to your biggest marketing challenge!

Multi-talented Sue Bryce is a Master Photographer, Artist, Illustrator, and anthropologist. Her style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate everything about her clients. Sue believes beauty is not on the outside, it’s something that shines out when you love who you are. Sue has received many awards for her work, including Portrait Photographer of the Year 2007 and Highest Scoring Print 2008 by the New Zealand Institute Professional Photography Master National Awards, and Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011 and Highest Scoring Print 2009 by the Australian Institute Professional Photography Master National Awards.

Session 1 May 22, 2013
9:00 am – What is Your True Path?
10:15 am – Publishing with Issuu Magazine
10:30 am – Referral Voucher Systems
11:00 am – Reward Vouchers
1:30 pm – Business Cards
1:45 pm – Marketing with Video
2:45 pm – Blocks and Obstacles
3:00 pm – Website and Service Reviews


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