CreativeLive – Mike Fulton – Speedlight Basics

CreativeLive - Mike Fulton - Speedlight Basics

CreativeLive – Mike Fulton – Speedlight Basics

Speedlight Basics

Join Mike Fulton for a comprehensive course on speedlights – including how to use this versatile flash system to increase efficiency and expand your creative ability.

In this course, you’ll master all of the many buttons and features of speedlights. You’ll learn about each of your flash’s settings: manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera, and more. You’ll explore the relationship between your camera and your flash, so you can move away from shooting in auto mode and toward capturing more nuanced, dynamic images. You’ll troubleshoot common flash issues and gain confidence manipulating the light from your speedlights to get exactly the look you want in your images. Mike will also cover the lighting choices that take an image from being just nice to look at to being highly marketable. This course is the definitive experience for anyone ready to become an expert user of this powerful, adaptable lighting system.

Mike Fulton

Mike Fulton was born and raised just outside of Houston Texas on the Texas Gulf Coast. Learning his love for photography by finding his father’s camera as a young teenager he self taught himself and enjoyed photography as a hobby through his high school years. While studying Criminal Justice and other sicence fields in college, his passion for the art of photography grew as he made the switch to the professional level shortly thereafter. Starting in the high fashion and glamour fields, Mike found his work being published in many publications ranging from art magazines to calendars. As Mike’s talents grew so did his range of subjects, today Mike owns and operates TriCoast Portrait Studio with his wife Suzy Fulton. Together they capture everything from high end weddings around the world, High School Seniors/Grads, to high volume school and sports leagues in their area. Former Kodak Photographer to Watch, as well as serving as one of the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of America ( Mike uses his knowledge and passions to assist the next generation of photographers in learning the trade.


Session 1 (12 Videos)

Segement 1 – 10 – Pre-Show

Segment 1 – Know your Speedlight: Nikon

Segment 2 – Know your Speedlight: Canon

Segment 3 – Buttons and Functions

Segment 4 – Using the Flash in Auto Modes

Segment 5 – Shoot: Slow Speed Sync

Segment 6 – On Camera TTL and High Speed Sync

Segment 7 – Manual Metering and Bounce Flash

Segment 8 – Lighting Patterns

Segment 9 – Going Wireless: Communication and Manual Ratios

Segment 10 – Going Wireless: Zoom and Triggers

Segment 1 – 10 – Wrap-Up

Session 2 (14 Videos)

Segment 11 – 21 – Pre-Show

Segment 11 – Speedlight Diffusers and Modifiers

Segment 12 – Speedlight Diffusers and Modifiers Continued

Segment 13 – Shoot: Snoots and Gels

Segment 14 – Various Lighting Pattern Demos

Segment 15 – Shoot: Full Light and Three Light

Segment 16 – Shoot: Short and Broad Light

Segment 17 – Shoot: Outdoor 2 Light Setups

Segment 18 – Shoot: Outdoor – What Not to Do

Segment 19 – Shoot: Outdoor- Manual and TTL

Thanks & Credits

Segment 20 – Shoot: First Dance 2 Flashs

Segment 21 – Shoot: First Dance 2 Flashs Continued

Segment 11 – 21 – Wrap-Up

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