Conversion Rate Tools E-Book v1.0

Conversion Rate Tools E-Book v1.0


Conversion Rate Tools E-Book v1.0

Conversion Rate Tools E-Book v1.0

The Core Conversion Rate Principles

In this e-book, I clearly and very accessibly outline the key conversion rate principles you MUST follow to be successful. Many people miss these and then wonder why almost nothing they do seems to work.

The Tools

Then we have what makes this e-book even more unique. Through my experience with my own website (a website to help people with their alcohol drinking problems) I have come across a number of tools – some free, some you have to pay for, which can help you dramatically increase your conversion rates.

These tools fit within the principles I will be sharing with you. Many of these tools are ‘hidden’ in as much as few people really know about them and understand how powerful they are.

Other Tools Within the E-Book

We will also then go into a break down of an actual sales letter. How to increase your conversion rates – even if you can’t afford an expensive copywriter or internet marketing consultant.

And then the key chapter. How to completely change how you view your online business and its structure. What almost every majorly successful internet marketer is doing and you need to do also.

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