Consulting Tycoon & Bootcamp DVDs with Kyle Tully

Consulting Tycoon & Bootcamp DVDs - Kyle Tully

Consulting Tycoon & Bootcamp DVDs – Kyle Tully

Session 1 – Consulting 101

– Why the consulting business is the fastest and easiest way to create a 6-figure business.
– How to spot your ideal clients. (Not all small businesses qualify!)
– The 3-step business consulting system — It’s proven, simple, and effective… gives you the fastest results at the lowest cost… and dramatically reduces the chance of any project failing!
– Should you target local businesses or go world-wide? Niche or not? There are pro’s and con’s to each approach… and they’re vital decisions that could make or break your business!
– How to turn your consulting business into a passive profit enterprise.
– A proven service funnel that systematically ratchets your earnings higher and higher. (Most consultants leave thousands of dollars on the table… simply because they don’t have this in place!)
– How to get your foot in the door with online projects, then double, triple… even quadruple your paydays with easy offline projects!
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Session 2 – Business 101

– The simple 1-page business plan that will be the foundation of your entire business. (It’s the single most important part of your business — Don’t skip it!)
– How to quickly setup a professional consulting website that gets you business — I’ll even let you steal my exact site… words and all! (I’d charge others $2500 for the exact same thing.)
– Exactly what your business cards need to say if you want anyone to call you.
– How to establish a referral machine that floods you with paying clients. (Once this is up and running you shouldn’t need to do any other marketing!)
– How to prove your value to your clients… price your services appropriately… and get paid BIG money right from the start.
– Why most of the “killer tactics” used in Internet marketing don’t work for the average marketer — and the one thing you need to focus on instead.
– The amazing results of making small incremental improvements in 3 key marketing systems… and it works for any business.
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Session 3 – Marketing 101
– The foolproof 1-page marketing plan — the missing ingredient from most failed businesses.
– Sure-fire ways to get high-paying clients, even if you’re brand-new… have no testimonials… and have never done any consulting before!
– Proven direct mail campaigns including letters and postcards.
– How to harness the power of cold calling… without ever picking up the phone!
– What you need to know about getting FREE publicity with press releases. (Including the 5 types of story you must know.)
– The “new client script” you can use with everyone you deal with — it helps you gain rapport… establish expertise… shows how you can help… and… gets you the gig!
– A 5-step system for speaking with local business owners. (Plus the 3 sentences that fail-proof your efforts.)
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Session 4 – Advanced Marketing, Consulting & Persuasion
– How to “get fluid” and close BIG projects even if you’re a complete newbie. (A few hours of work here speeds up your learning curve — and the fees you charge — by 6-12 months!)
– Simple tricks (I learned at an expensive sales training program) to automatically improve your confidence and your closing rate.
– How to make what you offer be exactly what your prospects want… without changing what you offer!
– The one skill taught at Jay Abraham’s $20,000 training course that let’s you effortlessly sell your products and services to almost anyone!
– Why features and benefits aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be — PLUS what’s working now.
– 3 things you need to know cold before you even think of speaking to a business owner.
– A controversial NLP pattern that can erase any objections. (It’s not magic but it does work — Use at your own discretion!)
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Teleclass Coaching

Week 1 – Getting Your First Clients

– How to find hoards of cashed-up clients hungry for your services.
– My latest “lumpy mail” lead generation piece. (You won’t believe the results this letter gets!)
– How to setup win-win deals with zero resistance — never hear “no” ever again even while banking thousands per job.
– My simple system for turning 1 client into 2… 2 clients into 4… 4 into 8… even turn non-clients into client-generating machines!
– Q & A Session

Week 2 – What Businesses Want In A Recession

– Hint: It’s NOT a website. It’s NOT email marketing. And it’s got nothing to do with the Internet. Beware… Outdated advice from 2009 does NOT work anymore. Find out what sells in 2010.
– How to position yourself as the ONLY logical choice by providing the exact solutions small businesses want.
– Q & A Session

Week 3 – How To Get BIG Fees From Day 1

– How to get 4 and 5 figure deals over and over again.
– Why most consultants never make more than $30k a year. PLUS the only 2 things you need to know to make 6-figures.
– The simple mistake (almost every Internet marketing consultant is making) that keeps them stuck making $500 or less per job… PLUS… how anyone can get thousands.
– Q & A Session

Week 4 – How To Approach Each Consulting Job

– Getting the gig is only half the job — here’s how to GUARANTEE you over-deliver and watch them sing your praises.
– Easy tweaks you can make in any business to instantly slash expenses and increase revenues. (I’ll show you how to become a local business hero!)
– My 3-step business growth system explained in-depth — it gets YOU fast profits with minimal risk. And clients love it.
– Q & A Session

Week 5 – Make $300,000 From ONE Ad

– How to create a single advertisement and get paid 10 times more than John Carlton. (I’ll show you why copywriting is for chumps and how you can make BIG bucks with simple skills.)
– This is… BAR NONE… the most exciting thing happening in my business during 2010. I promise it will change your life.
– Q & A Session

Week 6 – Passive Profit Consulting

– How to use membership sites with offline businesses to get passive recurring income. (And I’ll show you how to automate everything.)
– How to turn a $47 ebook into a $2900 info product and sell hundreds of them to your clients each year.
– Q & A Session

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