Comprehensive Master Practitioner Training

NLP Comprehensive Master Practitioner Training

Comprehensive Master Practitioner Training

If you purchased the Living Encyclopedia Volume 1, you’ve enjoyed a thoroughly edited, polished, and cross referenced NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training – a tool for both the neophyte and the master. You’ve probably already been telling your friends about it. The response has been so strong from people who, like you, also want the Master Practitioner, and don’t want to wait for another year or so, that we have decided to offer a limited edition of the raw, unedited Master Practitioner Training DVDs.

Here’s what’s included:

Section 1: Modeling with David Gordon

Section 2: Advanced Submodalities with Tom Best

Section 3: Meta-Programs with Charles Faulkner

Section 4: Beliefs with Adam Reynolds

Section 5: Adv. Language Patterns with Tamara Andreas

Section 6: Adv. Strategies with Charles Faulkner

Section 7: Self Concept Work with Steve Andreas

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