The Complete Apple Watch Developer Training – Build 20 Apps

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Training – Build 20 Apps

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Training – Build 20 Apps

The Complete Apple Watch Developer Training – Build 20 Apps

Size: 1.49 GB
COST: $199= Your Free
Author: Mr Mateusz Fraczek

Information: Build real world apps for the new Apple Watch using Watch Kit, iOS, Swift and Sketch. No programing experience required.

Do you know this course is different from others? This is the only interactive course in Udemy service! You will learn writing applications by using my programs (20 Real World Apps), and furthermore, I`m going to write some applications that my students invent!

I`m just making the best Udemy Course available to You! The Complete Apple Watch Developer Course – learn building 20 Real World Apps. Don`t you believe? Then keep reading and let me resolve Your doubts!

If You are a total beginner … don`t worry! This course is for You!

Step by step you have a chance to become a professional!

How did I hit on the idea of this course?

Everything started when Apple revealed some information about their new product.

They introduced Apple Watch! Everyone has been amazed!

Think what happens when Apple put on the market a new product! People are going crazy and they wish to have it at their homes or in their pockets.

The same will happen to Apple Watch, but now people are given a chance to have a new gadget on their wrists!

What else? There are millions of different applications available on iPod or iPhone. On a watch … there are none! What does it mean? I open you the way to become the best Apple Watch developer! You can be the first who has a chance to sell an application on the App Store!

Are you ready to take part in this course? I`m going to let you know what else you can win and then … you`ll be convinced for sure!

Once you have finished this course, you`ll be able to write programs on iWatch and iOS. You`ll be able to write any application that comes to Your mind! Besides, you`re going to find a job as a developer! You have my guarantee!

What`s included in the course?

– Xcode and Interface Builder
– UI elements for both Apple Watch and iOS (buttons, labels, sliders, images and more)
– Apple’s New Programming Language: Swift
– Variables, Arrays, Dictionaries, Tables, Loops
– Navigation, Storage and Live Content from Web
– API’s and HTTP Request (JSON and XML)
– Maps, Images and Music
– CoreData (Database)
– Marketing your Apps

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