Comet Cache PRO (with Latest Updates) – Advanced WordPress Cache Plugin Inspired

Comet Cache PRO (with Latest Updates) - Advanced WordPress Cache Plugin Inspired

Comet Cache PRO (with Latest Updates) - Advanced WordPress Cache Plugin Inspired

Comet Cache PRO (with Latest Updates) – Advanced WordPress Cache Plugin Inspired

Visitors demand a snappy response. They expect your site to be as fast as the search engine they discovered you with. ~ “Pop! pop! pop! Don’t waste my time. I’m in a hurry!”

Solution: Comet Cache adds the perfect blend of speed, simplicity, and reliability. It’s simple, effective and there’s NO learning curve. No technical mumbo jumbo standing in your way. Just a few clicks and Comet Cache is ready-to-go!

Famous Two-Minute Setup

SIMPLE and well-documented configuration (already tuned-in); just enable and you’re set! ~ Super easy

Post/Page/Category/Tag Caching

The most reliable way to speed up WordPress. Page generation caching for all WordPress components.

Automatic & Intelligent Cache Clearing

Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Categories, Tags, Links, Themes, Users, and more are monitored for changes and only the appropriate cache files are cleared.

Client-Side Browser Caching

The ability to allow a double-cache, where the browser is allowed to cache the cache for extra speed.

RSS, RDF & Atom Feed Caching

Why make feed readers wait? Comet Cache can speed up your content syndication feeds too.

404 (Not Found) Request Caching

Cache 404 error requests to reduce the impact this has on your server; e.g. misbehaving bots/spiders.

Automatic Cache Expiration Time

The ability to set an automatic expiration time for cache files. Your site remains fast on autopilot.

URI Cache Exclusion Patterns

The ability to customize the cache for better compatibility with some themes/plugins.

User-Agent Exclusion Patterns

Exclude certain types of browsers (e.g. mobile devices) for special handling. Not necessary, but possible.

HTTP Referrer Exclusion Patterns

The ability to bypass the cache when visitors are referred to your site by certain domains.

GET Request Cache Exclusion

The ability to either cache, or ignore, URLs that contain query strings (GET Requests).

GZIP Compression (Compatible)

Works w/ mod_deflate, PHP output compression, and other GZIP techniques.

WP-CLI Compatibility

Supports installing, activating, deactivating, and deleting via WP-CLI.

AC (Advanced Cache) Plugin System

An Advanced Cache Plugin system for theme and plugin developers — extend Comet Cache™.

Debugging Mode (See it Working!)

The ability to enable debug notes in HTML “View Source” mode. You can see what Comet Cache is doing.

Translation Compatibility

Comet Cache™ supports WordPress-approved translation support; POT file provided w/ source code.

Developer Friendly Codebase

Our code is clean, commented (docBlocks), and contains tons of hooks. Easy for developers to extend.

Logged-In User Caching

The ability to cache logged-in users too! VERY powerful, particularly for membership sites; e.g. s2Member®.

Leverage Browser Caching

Avoid multiple roundtrips between the browser and server by leveraging browser caching with Apache​.

Enforce Canonical URLs

Force Apache to match your WordPress® Permalink configuration even when caching is enabled.

AJAX-Powered “Clear Cache” Button

A new improved “Clear Cache” button in the admin bar (along with an option to enable/disable this feature).

Dashboard Notification Opt-Out

The ability to disable Dashboard notifications related to automatic clearing/purging on change detections.

Auto-Clear a List of Custom URLs

Specify a list of custom URLs whose cache files should always be cleared when the cache is cleared automatically.

s2Clean Theme Integration

The ability to clear cache files generated by the s2Clean theme for WordPress (if installed).

Import/Export Config. Options

Import or export your Comet Cache configuration from one site to another. Huge time saver!

Dynamic Cache Version Salt

The ability to generate multiple versions of the cache based on variables that you introduce.

Clear Cache User Permissions

Give other users permission to clear the cache by specifying a list of Roles and/or Capabilities.

Evaluate Custom PHP Code

Specify one or more custom routines with PHP to be processed when the cache is cleared manually.

Manually Clear PHP OPCache

Manually clear the PHP OPCache from anywhere on your site using a Clear PHP OPCache button in the Admin Toolbar.

HTML Compression

Auto-compress raw HTML code by removing extra chars & white space for smaller overall file size.

JS/CSS Concatenation & Minification

The ability to automatically combine both local & external JS/CSS resources into compressed cache files.

Cache Preloading (Auto-Cache Engine)

Automatically primes the cache; avoiding the potential for a first come slow-to-load scenario.

Cache Statistics and Charts

Analyze statistics about the page cache, HTML Compressor cache, PHP OPCache, and server health.

Popular CDN Integrations

Reduces latency associated w/ HTTP requests and server load. Supports CloudFront, MaxCDN and more.

CDN Integration for Logged-In Users

Serve static resources via CDN integration to users who are logged-in to your site.

CDN Integration for Comment Authors

Serve static resources via CDN integration to comment authors (including anonymous commenters).

Domain Sharding / Multiple CDN Hosts

Work around concurrency limits and make it possible for browsers to download more resources simultaneously!

Manually Clear CDN Cache

Manually clear the CDN cache from anywhere on your site using a Clear CDN Cache button in the Admin Toolbar.

Server Load Monitoring

Avoid regenerating the cache while the server is very busy by specifying a maximum server load average.

Built-In Automatic Pro Updater

The ability to receive updates for the pro version (like any other WP plugin) from your Dashboard.

Multisite Host Exclusion Patterns

Exclude specific child blogs from being cached in a Multisite Network. Supports domain mapping too!

Multisite Network Compatibility

Comet Cache™ can be Network-enabled. Supports sub-directories, sub-domains, and domain mapping too.

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