Clayton Makepeace – Easy Writer’s Club Monthly Webinars

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Clayton Makepeace – Easy Writer’s Club Monthly Webinars

Clayton Makepeace – Easy Writer’s Club Monthly Webinars

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Author: Clayton Makepeace
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Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, I’m going to have a private, one-hour meeting with an elite handful of the world’s hottest marketing pros and copywriters …

… and in that meeting, I’m going to reveal the secrets I’ve used to write many of America’s most effective direct mail and web-based promotions.

I’m absolutely convinced that the secrets I’ll reveal are going to make someone (hopefully several someones) a millionaire.

… Just another hyper-inflated, over-the-top claim?

Judge for yourself …

When I use these secrets to create a web-based promotion for a client, I often sell $2 million, $3 million, up to $5 million – and get paid $200,000 … $300,000 … up to $500,000 in royalties in as little as six weeks!

When I use these secrets to create a direct mail promotion, my clients often mail 10 million … 20 million … up to 30 million pieces – and pay me $500,000 … $1 million … up to $1.5 million in royalties.

When personally I taught these techniques to six up-and-coming writers, every one of them went on to be six-figure copywriters … all of them used my secrets to make millions … and at least four now make in excess of $1 million per year.

And when I used these techniques in promotions to grow my clients’ companies, four of them more than quadrupled in size to well over $100 million a year!

What surprises most folks is, I’ve done all that by committing what can only be called copywriting heresy: I completely IGNORE product benefits in my headline and lead copy.

Heck. I usually don’t even MENTION the product until page 16 or 17 of a 24-page promo!

Why? Because 27 years ago, I discovered a startling secret … and that secret has made me (according to Bob Bly and the American Writers and Artists Institute) America’s highest-paid copywriter.

I discovered that being a renegade – strategically violating marketing orthodoxy and committing key copywriting sins — can lift you head and shoulders above the crowd … drive response rates through the roof …
and make you rich.

… And tomorrow at noon Eastern, I’m going to reveal my all-time favorite strategy: The Advertorial.

In this one-hour webinar – How to Write Kick-Butt Advertorial – you can watch on your computer screen and listen by phone as I show you – step by step – how to create advertorial promotions that explode your response and income!

You’ll discover …

Five reasons why advertorial promotions leave other types of promos in the dust …

The six key elements nearly all advertorial promotions have in common …

Five additional elements that can explode response to your next advertorial promotion …

The five most effective formats for your direct mail advertorials – and how to use each one …

The three most commonly used outlines for writing both Web-based and Direct Mail advertorials …

And much, much more!

What’s includes:
Webinar 1 – Writing for Financial Markets
Webinar 2- How To trigger A Stampede Of Eager, High Paying Customers
Webinar 3- How To Create A Kickbutt Advertorial
Webinar 4 – Red-Hot Headlines That Double Response
Webinar 5 – Web Marketing 101 with Daniel Levis
Teleseminar 6 – Blogging For Dollars With Michel Fortin Part 1
Webinar 7- Writing For The Health Markets 101
Webinar 8 – Secrets Of Successful Graphic Design
Teleseminar 9 – Blogging For Dollars With Michel Fortin Part 2
Webinar 10 – Million Dollar Mailing Strategies
Webinar 11 – Copy Autopsy (live critiques…same as bonus video in Desktop Copy)
Webinar 12 – Crawl inside Your Prospect’s Brain And Dominate Your Market (John Carlton and Bonus in Desktop Copy also)
Webinar 13 – Q And A With Clayton
Teleseminar14 – One On One With Drayton Bird
Webinar 15 – $50 Million Online Strategy
Webinar 16 – Attention Doctrine: Web Marketing 2.0 with Rich Schefren
Webinar 17 – 31 Questions , 31 Answer With Clayton
Webinar 18 – 31 Questions , 31 Answer With Clayton cont’d
Webinar 19 – Partnering For Profit aka. Doing The Deal
Webinar 20 – Making A Big Splash
Webinar 21 – Partnering For Profit Q and A
Webinar 22 – None or skipped
Webinar 23 – Pitching The Deal
Teleseminar 24 – You Ask, I Answer
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