Chris Phelps – WordPress – from ZERO to BLOG!

Chris Phelps – WordPress – from ZERO to BLOG!

Chris Phelps – WordPress – from ZERO to BLOG!

Chris Phelps – WordPress – from ZERO to BLOG!

Name Product: Chris Phelps – WordPress – from ZERO to BLOG!
Download Size: 1.75 GB
COST: $199 = Your Free
Author: Chris Phelps

Come build a blog with me!

This course was designed specifically to help a new writer create their very first, very own WordPress Blog. The course is designed for those with ZERO experience creating WordPress Blogs. In this course, I’ll create a new blog, from scratch, and walk you thru, step by step, everything I do and everything you need to do, keeping in mind that you are new to this process and trying to follow along.

In the course, you will learn why you should use WordPress, how to select your domain name and hosting account, how to install WordPress, all about Themes, Plugins, Widgets, Menus, and Categories, how to work with Images, Audio, and Video, Content Management Techniques, your choices for Comment Systems and how to install them, how to integrate your blog with popular Social Media sites, how to create a Mailing List and setup Feed Syndication, Search Engine Optimization, Tips and Technology to Secure your blog, and much more in the Bonus Section.
What are the requirements?

If you have a desire to create, no previous experience or knowledge is required or expected. In this course, I will walk you thru every step necessary to create an amazing blog.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 96 lectures and 9.5 hours of content!
Build an Amazing WordPress Blog
How to create a hosting account and install WordPress
How to setup and customize your WordPress experience
Have a complete understanding of Content Management
Fully understand your comment system options, and manage your comments
A complete understanding of Social Integration on your Blog
Be able to create mailing lists, collect email addresses, and full RSS Feed Syndication
Get a great start with Search Engine Optimization tips and techniques
Have a working knowledge of security with WordPress, and secure your blog

What is the target audience?

Beginners to blogging, looking for a solid course on WordPress that will walk you thru every step of creating an awesome blog.
If you’re already using WordPress, or you’re looking for advanced writing techniques, this is not the course for you.

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