Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Name Product: Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

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Price: $97

The PPC Client Funnel is my proven lead generation and foot in the door funnel for closing PPC prospects on autopilot!

The sole purpose of this Done For You foot in the door funnel is to get a prospect to PAY YOU SOMETHING for landing page optimization.

You see…. through lots of tests I figured out a way to strategically pull at the “pain points” these businesses are dealing with on a daily basis.

Now, I simply implement this strategy every single time I want to bring in new customers into my business.

And this new “Pay To Play” push makes it feel like shooting fish in a barrel!

I mean, Google is FORCING local businesses to use this service and one thing we know for sure is they are DOING IT WRONG…..

That’s what I call #MoneyInTheBank

So it’s time for you to get a piece of that pie!

Sound Good?

Well…. For a limited time, I’ve decided to give you EVERYTHING!
Here’s what you’ll get access to when you invest in the PPC Client Funnel Today!
Your PPC Client Funnel Includes…

– Your High Converting “AdWords Best Practices Lead Magnet” – The lead magnet educates your prospects on how they can make a few simple changes to their AdWords campaigns and get better results! You get full private label rights and can slap your name on it as the author to position yourself as the authority!- $199 Value
– Your Follow Up Emails – This is a series of 5 emails that educate your leads and promotes your Video Sales Letter (read below) just in case they don’t take you up on your offer the first time around! Each email is crafted to pull at all the “pain strings” these businesses are feeling. In sales, the fortune is in the follow up so these are critical! – $175 Value
– Your “Landing Page Optimization” Video Sales Letter – This VSL is your “Foot In The Door Offer” to get PPC Clients paying you. It’s all about Landing Page Optimization. Simply put, you’ll offer a done for you solution to set up a highly targeted landing page to convert more of their traffic into LEADS! This is a ONE TIME payment offer designed to get you as many clients as possible. – $325 Value
– Your Direct Response Sales Letter – For those who want to get a bigger bang for their buck and get better results, this is ABSOLUTE GOLD! It’s a direct response sales letter that can be mailed or emailed to prospects. It educates business owners about why they need to be using an Optimized Landing Page for their AdWords campaigns AND gets them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU! – $325 Value

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