ChinaDave and Matt Bacak – The Secret Millionaire’s Traffic Source

The Secret Millionaire's Traffic Source

ChinaDave and Matt Bacak – The Secret Millionaire’s Traffic Source

Author: ChinaDave and Matt Bacak
Size: 498 MB[4 CDs + 8 DVD (MP4)] + 12 pic] Website:_

To getting Cheap,Bulk-Rate traffic (1,000 targeted visitors for 17 bucks). Dave Gruber hired Matt Bacak to show him how to use “Cost per View” (CPV) to get traffic to his offers.

Bacak has been using this process for 7 years to build his own business. He agreed to let Gruber record the training session and make it available to the rest of us. It’s a video recording of a 3-hour coaching session with Gruber on CPV.

In this training, you will learn:
• How to get 1000 visitors a day. Bacak does it for under $17.
• The mistakes you had better not make or your CPV can become money down the drain
• The (completely legal) way to get traffic that is now going to your competitors to come to you
• How to find keywords that will bring you hidden traffic your competition is keeping quiet about
• How to make sure the traffic converts to sales

If you want more traffic to your offers, CPV is worth a look. See what Bacak and Gruber have to offer for under $10 (but rising) here

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