Chet Holmes-Business Growth Masters Series 3.0

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[b]Chet Holmes-Business Growth Masters Series 3.0[/b]

This is the new Business Growth Master Series 3.0 from Chet Holmes
International. Which many say, is the most comprehensive Business
training in the world today.
Here are the Table of Contents:

01 Program Introduction – Zero To $100 Million

02 Business Secret’s of the World’s Most Effective Entrepreneurs

03 Time Management Secrets of Billionaires

04 Become a Marketing Master: The Super Strategist Wins Every Time

05 Core Story and Basic Research Sourcing

06 The Dream 100 Sell: Plus Strategies for Gaining Clients

07 Seven Must of Marketing: Tactics for Gaining Clients

08 How To Hire Superstar Salespeople

09 ProfitNOW Workshop

10 Creating the Perfect Ad No Matter What The Media

11 Internet Traffic and Website Strategies

12 Fundamentals of Web Traffic Conversion

13 Detailing and Perfecting the Sales Process

14 Integrity Based Selling

15 Guerrilla Public Relations

16 The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 1

17 The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 2

18 Professional Presenting Rules and Skills Training

19 Perfecting Your Follow-Up: Keys to Future Success

20 Subconsciously Seeking Success: Goal Setting for Increasing Results

21 Referral Workshop

22 Prioritizing and Maximizing Your Opportunities

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