Chad Kimball – The Domain Tweak System

Chad Kimball - The Domain Tweak System

Chad Kimball – The Domain Tweak System

Name Product: The Domain Tweak System
Author: Chad Kimball
Size: 571 MB

On your day planner, flip forward 7 days and write this on your todo list: SHUT OFF PAY PER CLICK ACCOUNT.


You won’t spend any more money on clicks starting 7 days from today.

And I guarantee your traffic will stay the same or even increase!

If you are a bum-marketer or article marketer, I want to throw away any articles you plan to submit RIGHT NOW.

In 7 days you will have all the free traffic you want, and never submit an article to ezinearticles again!

I have perfected a system that can be applied to any website (or even to a web 2.0 article) to allow it to dominate the search engine rankings. And it can be fully running in ONLY 7 DAYS.

You will become a SQUIDOO or EZINEARTICLES in your own right.

Your pages will bring in so much money and rank so well that your competitors will want to publish their articles on your site!

Now Let Me Be Honest…

I said it takes 7 days.
Actually thats not completely true. 3 or 4 of those days are spent waiting for Google to re-visit your site (or web 2.0 article) and update the search engine results (with you on the first page!).

You really only spend 2 or 3 days setting up the system. Theoretically you could set it up in 24 hours but who wants to work that hard?

Sound Unbelievable?

I know it you’re probably thinking this is some sort of spammy blog comment automator or blackhat software.

It is not. It is 100% white-hat and utilizes fundamental SEO principles. In fact, it would be almost BORING if it weren’t for this unique twist:

It propels your ranking up faster than you can say BARAK OBAMA.

After you see the 21 Videos and Use the Software in my “Domain Tweak” System, you will kick yourself at how simple and easy this process is.

Yet so few are using it!

Here’s one guy’s honest review from his youtube account (he starts out negative, maybe I shouldn’t even post this?)

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