CGCookie – Modeling a Sci-fi Vehicle


CGCookie – Modeling a Sci-fi Vehicle
Author: Jonathan Williamson|Released: Apr 2013|Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720|File Size: 4.64 GB|Home Page

In this intensive, mesh modeling training series, you will be taken through the complete process of modeling a very detailed, sci-fi vehicle in Blender. The series makes use of modeling sheets and concept art by David Revoy. This series is presented in such a way to be ideal for all levels of users.

Each tool used is explained along the way for new users but the topics presented will intrigue even the most advanced modelers. Throughout this series you will learn extensive modeling techniques, mesh topology, and workflows for creating a manageable model in relatively little time.

1 Introduction
1-1 Setting up the modeling sheets
1-2 Creating the Basic Shapes
1-3 Refining the Silhouette
1-4 Separating the Pieces
2-1 Blocking the Front
2-2 Blocking the Mid Section
2-3 Blocking in the Wings
2-4 Blocking in the Rear and Tail Section
3-1 Detailing the Cockpit Windshield
3-2-1 Detailing the Nose Part 1
3-2-2 Detailing the Nose Part 2
3-3-1 Detailing the Bottom Part 1
3-3-2 Detailing the Bottom Part 2
4-1-1 Creating the Paneling Part 1
4-1-2 Creating the Paneling Part 2
4-2-1 Modeling the Engine Part 1
4-2-2 Modeling the Engine Part 2
4-2-3 Modeling the Engine Part 3
5-1 Detailing the Wing Paneling
5-2 Detailing Between the Wings
5-3 Detailing the Propellers

[url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part1.rar[/url] [url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part2.rar[/url] [url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part3.rar[/url] [url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part4.rar[/url] [url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part5.rar[/url] [url=]CGCookie_-_Modeling_a_Sci-fi_Vehicle.part6.rar[/url]


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