CFA 2011 Level 1 Kaplan Schweser Videos

CFA 2011 Level 1 Kaplan Schweser Videos

CFA 2011 Level 1 Kaplan Schweser Videos

CFA 2011 Level 1 Kaplan Schweser Videos

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Kaplan Schweser is the leading global provider of financial education for hundreds of thousands of students and business professionals around the world. Our comprehensive learning strategy, known as The Kaplan Way, utilizes learning science in the instructional design of our educational tools and courses. The Kaplan Way employs a three-phase learning strategy: Prepare • Practice • Perform™. By using this model as our foundation, we have constructed the most effective, comprehensive study packages in the industry, each specifically designed to help our students achieve success on the CFA® exam.

Kaplan Schweser’s mission is to help our students succeed, and we have been the proven leader in CFA exam preparation for 25 years:

Our education is backed by learning science (The Kaplan Way: Prepare, Practice, Perform)

We offer world-class, expert instruction by CFA charterholders with years of teaching experience

96.8% of our customers would recommend Kaplan Schweser CFA exam prep



Dr. Carl Schweser, a finance professor at the University of Iowa, founded the Schweser Study Program in 1990. He produced study notes for the Level I CFA® exam out of the basement of his Iowa City home. Prior to starting his own company, Schweser had taught CFA exam prep courses for the Study Seminar for Financial Analysts (SSFA) in Windsor, Ontario.

Working closely with Dr. Schweser was Andy Temte, a doctoral student who had come to the University of Iowa in 1989. Temte helped produce Level I CFA study materials alongside Schweser. Together, they introduced Level II and Level III CFA study materials in 1991 and 1992, respectively, and Schweser Study Program was off the ground.

Schweser and Temte led a small staff of dedicated employees who saw their Schweser Study Program become the CFA industry leader by the mid-1990s. After earning his PhD in finance, Dr. Temte returned to his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1996. He began producing supplemental materials to the Schweser Study Program under the name of Temte’s Financial Education. Temte produced flashcards and audio-video materials out of his home and expanded the company’s product offerings.

Continued growth throughout the 1990s eventually caught the eye of educational giant Kaplan, Inc. In November of 1999, Kaplan acquired the Schweser Study Program. Knowing his company was in good hands, Dr. Schweser made the decision to retire after the acquisition. In May of 2000, Andy Temte was named president and CEO of Schweser Study Program, and the company headquarters were moved from Iowa City to La Crosse.

Since 1999, with the full backing of Kaplan, Inc., and its parent company, the Washington Post, Kaplan Schweser has been the world leader in providing premier CFA exam prep materials and continues to be the most trusted name in the industry.

Even though Schweser has been a part of a larger organization for several years now, we have never forgotten our roots. Kaplan Schweser is still committed to helping our customers achieve their educational and professional goals. We continually update and expand our CFA materials and, over the years, have added CAIA, CFP, FRM, and Claritas exam prep materials to our family of financial products.

For the convenience of our students, Kaplan Schweser can deliver content in every imaginable format: from traditional books, CDs, and flashcards to online courses, Internet applications, and mobile device technologies. Simply put, there are no better materials available on the market and no one who can deliver them with more diversity, convenience, or ease than Kaplan Schweser!


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