CenterPointe – HoloSync Meditation Program

CenterPointe – HoloSync Meditation Program

CenterPointe – HoloSync Meditation Program

Name Product: CenterPointe – HoloSync Meditation Program
COST: $159
Author: CenterPointe
Size: 1.34 GB

The Holosync Meditation Program

Holosync, a product of Centerpointe Research Institute, is a sophisticated form of neuro-audio technology that produces many desirable cognitive, emotional, and spiritual states — states usually only available to experienced and dedicated practitioners of meditation.

Meditation is a process of familiarization with one’s own mental life leading to long-lasting changes in cognition and emotion.

Holosync induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Users experience the same classic developmental and evolutionary mileposts as in a traditional meditation practice, but in an accelerated time-frame.

The Benefits of Using Holosync Include:

» Improved mental abilities, heightened creativity and problem solving skills
» Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety
» Improved health and a new sense of mental, emotional and physical well-being
» Increased focus, concentration, memory and learning
» Increased motivation and confidence
» Increased production in the brain of many vital neurochemicals proven to slow aging and keep the body young, alive and fully functioning
» Better, more restful sleep
» More happiness and flow in your life
» Healing of unresolved mental and emotional blocks

How does Holosync produce these benefits for its users?

Holosync’s ability to increase synchronous neuro-electrical activity between the two hemispheres of the brain, and it’s ability to drive the nervous system to higher levels of functioning over time, naturally brings with it the potential for some remarkable improvements in cognitive functioning. Learning ability, creativity, problem solving ability, focus and concentration, memory, and intuition are among the areas typically showing improvement.

Here’s what experienced Holosync users have to say…

“I’ve been using the (Holosync Solution) for years now and my meditations have gotten much deeper, I travel with the CD’s, I listen to them on a daily basis. And as a result I have more freedom of expression, a greater sense of relaxation and being stress free, and a greater sense of personal power…”

—Jack Canfield

“Your product is the best thing I have ever purchased in my life. In a few months, I have become more aware of who I am and what I want. Holosync has raised my energy level to a new level, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally, I have more focus and clarity of thought, and I am able to persist with one line of thought until the issue becomes clear to me. Emotionally, I have dispelled the negative thoughts that clouded my judgement, become poised, and more confident and persistant. Physically, I have much more energy to do things. I cannot thank you enough for this technology.”
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