CBT Nuggets – BackTrack and Kali Linux


CBT Nuggets – BackTrack and Kali Linux
Trainer: Keith Barker|Duration: 11 hours|Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720| File Size: 2.58 GB|Home Page

BackTrack (BT) and Kali Linux are the “Swiss Army Knife” of penetration testing, information gathering and vulnerability assessment tools (all conveniently packaged in a free Linux distribution). Learn all about them in this series with trainer Keith Barker!

Course Outline

Welcome to the tools of BackTrack and Kali Linux
What is BackTrack?
Install BT on a Virtual Machine
Connecting to the Network
Updating S/W and Using Integrated Help
BT Wireless TX Power
Uncovering Hidden SSIDs
Bypassing MAC Address Filters
Breaking WPA2 Wireless
Rogue Wireless Access Points
Wireless Mis-Association Attacks
MITM using Wireless Bridging
Nmap: King of Scanners
DHCP Starvation
Vote for BT – as the new STP Root Bridge
CDP Flooding
Taking over HSRP
DTP and 802.1q Attacks
ARP Spoofing MITM
Metasploit Framework
PWNing a System with MSF
Creating a ‘Pivot Point’
Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET)
Ettercap and Xplico
DNS Spoofing
Kali Linux
Burp Suite
Raspberry Pi & Kali Linux
IPv6 THC Tools
Custom Password Lists
Hashes and Cracking Passwords
Rainbow Tables and Ophcrack
Virtual Test Environment
Detecting Rootkits


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