CBT Bitcoin Basics

CBT Bitcoin Basics [16 MP4 (Web Rips)]

CBT Bitcoin Basics [16 MP4 (Web Rips)]

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Total Course Duration: 05:47:15

Welcome to Bitcoin 00:02:31
In this brief video, Keith provides an overview of the series, and welcomes you along with the millions of others who are interested in this new de-centralized, crypto-currency called Bitcoin. We are happy to have you join us for this series.

What is Bitcoin? 00:35:13
“It’s a bird, it’s a plane … ” Bitcoin is a currency (a form of money), as well as a set of protocols (a set of rules that make the Bitcoin network operate) that enables people like you and me to use Bitcoin (the currency) to purchase goods and services while the verification (done by the Bitcoin network) of each transaction and a history of those transactions (called a block-chain) is verified and maintained by the computers participating in the Bitcoin network. In this video, Keith walks you through some traditional examples of what was has been used for money in the past, some of the pros and cons of each method, and then introduces Bitcoin as an international, government-independent currency and system that is protected by cryptography. This video covers “What is Bitcoin?” and the logic and methods used by the Bitcoin currency and Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin: Setting Up and Using a Wallet 00:33:26
Traditional wallets come in different sizes and colors, but have the same basic purpose, and that is to hold something (sometimes even money wink. In the case of the digital de-centralized currency used in the Bitcoin community, a “wallet” is used to store BTC (Bitcoin currency). In this video, Keith walks you through the setting up a wallet and a simple transaction using Bitcoin (both the currency and the network). You’ll also see a demonstration of how a QR code can simplify this process.

Multi-Factor Authentication 00:18:24
“Give me a Multi!” … “Give me a Factor!” … “What do you get?”:” Multi-factor! Yeaaaa” (and the crowd goes wild). To improve security, we can use more than a single method (single factor) to verify who an individual is before allowing access to our online Bitcoin wallet. Requiring multiple authentication methods (which is “multi-factor authentication”) can enhance security, and is often used for high security environments like a data center or other restricted area. In this video, Keith demonstrates some of the options available to implement this feature for online wallet security, including using Google Authenticator.
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