Casey Zeman – YouTube Revealed

Casey Zeman - YouTube Revealed

Casey Zeman – YouTube Revealed

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In This book you will learn the necessary skills to marketing with YouTube and how to gain serious pin-pointed traffic and send serious pin-pointed traffic to your products, services, or brand campaigns.

YouTube is evolving. This book will show you how to stay ahead of the game in your video marketing as Google Plus integrates more and more with YouTube.

Google is the largest search engine on the planet. It stands to reason why then they would happen to own YouTube. The main reason: they are not stupid.
YouTube is the second largest “search engine” used. And, technically, it is not even a search engine.

In Actuality, however, more keywords and phrases are searched on YouTube than any other website around. Based on that statistic, we can deduce that videos are here to stay, and even more so, people are getting more and more comfortable with having their own “creation” and finding their own “voice” through the medium of video.

It can take less than 5 minutes to upload a video onto YouTube.
Your video can also sit in YouTube limbo collecting dust, never seeing the light of day, and having only 8 views throughout its life.

This was me when I first started out. My first experience uploading a video had me at 15 views in 2 months…and most of them were my friends. That was less than a year ago. Nowadays, I can get an excess of 200 views a day on a video.

Each of my videos has a direct link to my squeeze page and blog. If I put up 4 new videos, and each one can get me 200 views in one day, that is 800 unique views daily, and if you are marketing yourself right, more than half of them will convert into leads.

I have a system that I have put together that can get you targeted subscribers and leads using the most powerful and widely searched website, YOUTUBE.

I call this system Social Video Marketing.

What is Social Video Marketing? A friend of mine asked me recently to define it. Here was the definition I gave.

“I would say that my definition of social video marketing is as follows. Social media by definition is creating a visible online presence. However video social media puts a speed of intention behind your presence that no other media platform can accomplish. Social marketing is putting a face, a voice behind a name. If I am new to a social network site.

The first thing I do is put up a video that says “I am excited to be apart of this site” and “this is who I am”

By doing this I am covering the visual appeal that Video allows. Most of us are very visual people as well as auditory. So being able to see someone and listen to their own personal words, makes a connection that much closer. We use video to stir up emotion. That is what social video marketing does.

It asks that the person you are connecting with to be that much more invested in you. TO know you personally. Now this can be for businesses as well.

In fact requesting an emotion from your audience as a business is how you bridge that gap of impersonality that businesses naturally create. Also having an intention in your social media marketing is only amplified with Video.

Video is a tool, or the vehicle to carry your marketing message.”
Ok, so that is a bit long winded. Let’s Paraphrase…

Social Video Marketing is as follows:

1. To create a specific message to a specific audience in video form.
2. Requesting an emotional response in the form of a call to action from the video message.

Whether you are an internet marketer trying to gain new skills to teach to others, or a small business (or big business) owner looking to find the right medium to market in, you have by luck or hopefully “proper marketing” stumbled across a system that will literally change the way you look at your business and how you market it.

I am going to show you how to gain thousands of unique viewers a day in highly targeted niches and spending less than 100 dollars total to do it. In fact these skills, you can do for no cost, let me show you how.

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