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Nisandeh Neta - Business bootcamp, getting started

[center][b]Nisandeh Neta – Business bootcamp, getting started [/b][/center] Business bootcamp – getting started with Nisandeh Neta

This is a dvd for beginners. Nisandeh Neta lives in the Netherlands and organizes bootcamps for entrepreneurs. I got this dvd for free when I signed up for his seminar. Which is also for free. Since I did not see anything about him on the forums here, I decided to share the information.

Neta talks about attracting more customers by giving and sharing your knowledge and wealth. If you help others get the best out of themselves, you will become succesful. At least that’s what this guy says. He also learns how to attract customers and make them return.

Other topics:
You can double your rates, if people trust you.
Make your product / service stand out
Networking for the growth of your customer circle
Make your company recessionproof
Focus on your goals

Hopefully you will like this product. It’s packed with useful information and learned me a lot. Plus, it’s only an hour


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