Burt Goldman – Quantum Supermind and Quantum Solutions

Burt Goldman - Quantum Supermind and Quantum Solutions

Burt Goldman - Quantum Supermind and Quantum Solutions

Burt Goldman – Quantum Supermind and Quantum Solutions

A NEW online learning course created to boost your mindfulness”

Ventured through hundreds of mindfulness programs? With the Burt Goldman Method, you get them all in one place online. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on individual programs, you get access to multiple journeys: meditation, self discovery, personal development, spiritual material, and betterment books. Learn at you own pace.



Choosing the perfect mindfulness journey can prove challenging…

With the Burt Goldman Method

you won’t have to choose one program. Instead… Explore a diverse +50-year collection of meditation, self-discovery,
personal development, and spiritual material.

– Brought to you by hypnosis and meditation master
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Benefits for the Mind

Advance self-esteem

Increase mindfulness

Control/decrease stress

Enhance positive thinking

Expand conscious awareness

Improve self-confidence

Boost happy endorphins


Benefits for the Body

Pain relief

Slow down aging

Alleviate headaches

Lower blood pressure

Strengthen immune system

Lower cholesterol

Weight loss


Explore different ways
to meditate at home

Self Discovery

Experience online
self discovery seminars

Personal Development

Programs for self-help
and self-improvement


Delve into a variety of
spiritual philosophies

Betterment Books

Choose from +20 eBooks,
fiction/non-fiction stories

FREE to all,
weekly mindfulness tips

Your brain can change at any age

Neuroplasticity research has shown the brain has the ability to change at any age. Instead of being rigid, the mind is malleable like “plastic”. It can heal by rerouting activity from damaged areas to other parts of the brain. If you feel stuck in your ways, don’t worry, it’s curable! There is no end to what your mind can improve on.


Mindfulness meditation can change the brain

Through guided meditation, you can physically change your brain to achieve a multitude of supported benefits:

  • Slow the aging process
  • Decrease a wandering-mind and self-referential thoughts
  • Improve concentration and attention
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help control addiction
  • Fall into deeper Sleep

Sleep can do wonders

Many techniques and programs are not mutually exclusive of one another. They have shared benefits and impacts. One benefit of meditation is better sleep which can have an impact to your personal development. Have a listen to The Daisy Pond. It’s a classic life-changing meditation technique you can use to decrease stress and get some better sleep. Then, you’ll find yourself reaping the benefits of sleep:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Tissue growth and repair
  • Energy restoration
  • Improve your mood
  • Better your heart’s health
  • Shed calories


Burt Goldman is a master of his craft

Did you know Burt is also known as The American Monk? He’s traveled all over the world to conduct seminars for Heads of States, European Royalty, and amassed audiences greater than 700. He has cultivated his knowledge through some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers:

  • Studied under Paramahansa Yogananda—an Indian yogi and guru who introduced millions of westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga.
  • Studied under José Silva—creator of the self-help program The Silva Method. In 1980, Silva met Burt Goldman, and in 1989, they co-wrote the book The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics.

He has released proven programs

  • Quantum Absolution
  • Quantum Jumping
  • Powers of Life
  • The Mind Box

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