Building Your Copywriting Business

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Building Your Copywriting Business

Building Your Copywriting Business

Make money easily and effortlessly writing copy! Learn how to build your copywriting business in this hands on course.

Does this sound like you:

You’re always coming up with great marketing ideas for companies. You can write too. You know how fun it is writing feature articles, brochures, flyers and newsletter(s) – they come easy for you. You just need a little help getting your first client and positioning yourself correctly. Getting your freelance copywriting business off the ground.

Being a freelance copywriter is a great way to make a living

You can see it now…Your bills are paid off. You work from home. You work when you want, NOT when your boss needs you there. You pick and choose your own clients (you only work with the ones you like…because you can). You easily and effortlessly make more money than ever before. You’re a good writer and you know you would make a good copywriter.

Kelly is a successful freelance healthcare copywriter and raises three (not one or two, but yes, three kids). You can do it to. Making over $100,000 a year is easy and effortless when you’ve set your business up correctly, are working in the right industry, and now where to go to find the clients. It really is easy and effortless.

Growing a successful and profitable copywriting business can be easy and effortless…if you know what steps to take. And that’s where Kelly can help you.

Kelly Robbins has created a hands on class that will help copywriters follow their dreams and kick-start their copywriting business.

In this class you’re going to:

Clearly identify what niche to work in and who you will work with in that niche
Find out what is important to your target market. You’ll learn how to get to know them, how to uncover what they need from a copywriter and how to get in front of them.
Write articles and get them published, yes, during this course!
Learn what things you MUST do in order to be a high earning copywriter
Create writing samples
Learn what marketing methods work best for successful copywriters
Discover ways to get in front of your target audience and build a strong and loyal client base
Develop marketing materials – like your web site, business cards, a sales letter (and get feedback on them!)
Hear from a marketing director that works solely with freelance employees. You’ll hear what she looks for when hiring writers and more importantly, what she doesn’t like to see!
Learn how to put systems in place so your business runs smoothly and you can spend time doing what you love…copywriting.
Hear from a 30 year medical doctor the best way to meet other doctors. Why doctors are hard to sell to and what to do about that

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