Bryan Zimmerman – Full Frontal Niche Marketing

Bryan Zimmerman - Full Frontal Niche Marketing

Bryan Zimmerman – Full Frontal Niche Marketing

The Internet Marketing world is a BIG…BIG place! I’m sure if you’ve been around for any amount of time, you’ve already figured this out. There are new players crawling out of the wood work every single day, and for the most part, they all want to sell you something…which isn’t that bad I guess, until you realize that for the majority of them are utterly full of crap…

They don’t really care if what they sell helps you…In fact the only thing that they care about is that you have a heart beat, a paypal account or credit card, and at least one finger so that you can push the buy now button…

I’m sure that you’ve bought enough Internet Marketing material to know that much of what gets sold is PURE THEORY. Basically, if it sounds good, they will sell it…whether or not it’s something that will actually help you never even crosses their mind…

You know it happens…I know it happens….So, lets move on…


If you’re anything like me, or 99% of the other people reading this right now, you probably have enough ebooks on your hard drive that if they were printed out, you’d be responsible for killing a forest the size of a small continent.

Back in the day, ebooks were cool because it was an effective way to get information across to people in a quick and effective way, but how much can you actually learn from 20 pages of printed information….how much have you learned so far…better yet, how much have you earned from all of the information sitting on your hard drive?

I’m willing to bet, not much…I could be wrong…but, in most cases, I’m not…


One of the biggest problems in the Industry is that we are all expected to just take peoples word for it. I don’t know about you, but anymore, I’m finding it harder and harder to believe people in this niche, because lets face it….ALOT OF THEM ARE LIARS!

They jot some stuff down, or rewrite some PLR they found somewhere…touch it up a bit, and then pass it off as their super secret method to make a couple hundred bucks a day from CPA, Clickbank, or whatever the flavor of the week is…and it works, because they know that people want to be trusting, and as long as they “act” like good guys that people will buy their stuff, and they can laugh all the way to the bank about it…

We’ve all seen it time and time again…especially right here in the WSO FORUM…some guy comes from nowhere, he pays his money to join the War Room, and the next thing you know, he is going to share his secrets with you because he “wants to give back”, am I the only one that reads that and thinks….BULL CRAP!

OK…so, what you’ve read above is more of a rant than a sales letter. Sorry about that, but I started writing and it just kept coming out and I went with it…

Anyway, let’s get down to business….remember earlier when I asked if you wanted to see me naked…and told you that you would have the opportunity to maybe some someone else naked too?


Basically, I planned on doing this myself, and was just waiting for a couple of projects to end, but when I was sharing my plans with Jeremy Kelsall, he got excited about it, and before you knew it, HE WAS IN!

Some of the most effective training courses that I’ve ever been a part of…the ones that actually made me money and stuffed money in my pocket were the ones where the people teaching the methods…SHOWED EVERYTHING!

Not just talking about theory
Not just some words in an ebook
Not just a couple of videos that were thrown together
Not telling me to do something that I didn’t know if they were really doing



The name of the course is FULL FRONTAL NICHE MARKETING..and for good reason…Because are literally dropping our drawers and exposing EVERYTHING to everyone.

This course is going to be the most thorough, most enlightening, best value for your money that you’ve ever seen on the Internet to date…MAYBE EVER!

Here’s what you are going to get (pay attention)

We are going to go into a BRAND NEW niche right in front of you, and turn a SERIOUS PROFIT. You are going to see EVERYTHING from niche selection, to keyword research, to how we drive traffic, how we build a list, how we convert sales, how we scale it into a full blown business.

The course is going to last for 60 DAYS over the 60 DAYS you are going to get AT LEAST 30 MINUTES OF VIDEO INSTRUCTION EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY (Monday – Friday)

Listen, I know there is a ton of hype in the Internet Marketing niche, but if you think about it, what do they have to lose? They are SELLING YOU THEORY…if you don’t make money, they can always say “well, it works for me…if you’re not making money, you’re doing it wrong” , but that isn’t the case here…if we don’t make money…WE LOOK LIKE CLOWNS!

Our reputation is on the line here…

But, here’s the deal…We are more than confident that not only are we going to show you how we make money, but we are going to make plenty of it…As far as training goes…this is the no-brainer of the century…

You can go out and blow $2,000 on the next guru launch…you can buy some other WSO from some guy who probably doesn’t have two nickles to run together…or you can watch a couple of guys that are actually making an honest living online do it right in front of you.

If you’re serious about your success, the choice here should be pretty obvious…

Remember, we are talking about 60 full days of training…at least 30 minutes of instruction a day…you get to see everything…

Show me someone else that is willing to pull the curtain back and drop their pants for 60 days…

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