Brian Tracy – The Unbreakable Laws of Self-Confidence

Brian Tracy - The Unbreakable Laws of Self-Confidence

Brian Tracy – The Unbreakable Laws of Self-Confidence [ DVD (Rip) + 1 eBook (PDF) + 2 Audio CDs (MP3) ]

Brian Tracy – The Unbreakable Laws of Self-Confidence – How to Tap the Infinite Potential Within – Motivational DVD Training Video & Audio

“The Common Denominator of Success”
Having high levels of self-confidence is the one factor that links every successful person. Without having an unfailing belief in yourself– the road to success will be a long and rocky one.
However, when you begin to have 100% certainty in yourself and your future success…everything changes. It’s like waving a magic wand and making all your dreams a reality. Slowly you will begin to attract good things into your life and you will become unstoppable.
Self-confidence affects every area of your life
Become a better sales person when you increase your self-confidence!
* Rid yourself forever of your fear of rejection
* Be phenomenal in presentations and sales calls
* Ask for the order without hesitation and close more sales
Become a more powerful entrepreneur when you believe in yourself 100%!
* Command attention in negotiations and business situations
* Attract resources and opportunities that help you achieve your goals
* Be more memorable in networking situations
Become more attractive to the opposite sex when you hold your head up high!
* Increase your magnetism and charisma
* Become more desirable and boost your sex-appeal
* Transform your social life
Self-confidence is the key to success in all areas of life. It determines how much money you will earn, how happy you will be, the quality of your relationships, your ability to attract the things you want, and more.
Your self-confidence is everything!
Boost Your Self-Confidence Today!
The challenge is that most of us were programmed with messages that lower our self-confidence from a very young age, and this old programming interferes with our ability to conquer our most coveted dreams and goals. In this powerful session, you’ll learn all of the most critical laws for literally reprogramming your mind and boosting your self-confidence to a whole new level.

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