Brian Tracy – Success Is a Journey DVD

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Brian Tracy – Success Is a Journey DVD

Brian Tracy – Success Is a Journey DVD

“Turn Challenges into Great Success – and Triumph Over Adversity Every Time!”

Have you ever faced a challenge and said, “This is just impossible… I can’t do it”?

…but what would’ve happened if you didn’t give up? How different would your life be today if you decided to stick to your plans and see your dreams through to the end?

In this DVD Brian tells you about an experience that changed his life forever. When he was 20 years old, he decided to travel from Canada to South Africa with 3 friends. When the journey began, Brian had no idea what he was in for… and although he thought about giving up many times along the way, he managed to stay motivated and achieve his dream!

Join Brian and 5,000 audience members as he draws parallels between his unbelievable experiences… and how you can succeed in your everyday life.

Success is a Journey is an inspirational tale of vision, courage and determination–and you’ll learn timeless truths and universal lessons to help you on your own personal journey.

By listening to Brian’s captivating story you’ll learn how to…
Set and achieve big goals
Learn and grow from overcoming obstacles
Develop a character of persistence and unshakeable self-confidence
Get the support and cooperation of others
Focus on priorities and concentrate on key tasks
Learn the key skills required for success
Ignore “nay-sayers” and keep your eye on the prize


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